It’s actually a blend of two vastly different beers—98% quadruple and a dash of kriek. An aggressive, unfiltered IPA that hits hard with bitter grapefruit notes, Finest Kind can give most West Coast IPAs a run for their money, adding fodder to the growing East Coast/West Coast brewing smackdown. The top-rated beer in the world, according to Beer Advocate, is the Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout.Good luck finding it though. is one of the finest examples of an American kriek. Brewery: Boston Beer Co. City: Boston, Massachusetts Description: Utopias is a craft beer like no other; its flavor is closer to a sherry or port than the Boston Lager that the brewery is best known for. You would never know it, though because the alcohol is well-hidden among the seductive flavors of honey, caramel, and pine. Running a mile for time. This is the one that did it. Amongst the CUB-owned brands, 4 Pines managed to place three beers in the top 100, but Pirate Life failed to make the top 100. At the 2013 Great American Beer Festival, one of the longest lines in the Denver Convention Center was for a one-ounce pour of this magical brew. Boom. Yes, that is a monkey astronaut on the can, but, yes, it’s also easy to drink more than one.—Nathan Mattise, Brewery: Stone Brewing Co. ? Look for it in February, just when you need a really big bottle of something burly.—Greg Eckert, Brewery: Clown Shoes City: Ipswich, Mass. Most lawnmower beers you find are lagers, but this is a “fancy” lawnmower beer, so Saint Arnold went with a Kolsch, a beer style that’s huge in Germany, but underappreciated here in the States. A brown ale that spends a year in Sonoma County Pinot Noir barrels with a menagerie of microflora (not to mention heaps of sour cherries), Supplication is complex, tart, and rich in oak flavors. There are no off-flavors, just a clean citrus presence that sits atop pillowy flavors of wheat bread and a subtle undercurrent of clove spice. Description: This San Diego IPA is truly one-of-a-kind. Find Popular Beer websites, craft beer blogs, homebrew blogs, beer news and everything related to beer online. Wisconsin’s Capital Brewery is one of the most notable exceptions, because all of their lagers and German-style brews have always been outstanding. Perhaps it’s the 10-year Heaven Hill barrels they use, but it’s a brew that proves the adage that sometimes less is more.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Co. City: Kansas City, Mo. And on, and on. Drinking one Prima Pils should be enough to convince most nascent beer geeks that pilsner is a worthwhile endeavor after all.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: The Lost Abbey City: San Marcos, Calif. In other words, this is the American Hefe that all other American Hefe’s are judged by. Big Beer is a big business in America. Brewery: Highland Brewing Company City: Asheville, N.C. Angry Birds is maybe their most archetypal example, a potent combination of funky Belgian aromatics and citric American hops. Get it if you can. Description: Finding a Founders KBS during its annual April release might be difficult, but once you do get your hands on a bottle, this massive beer (11.2% ABV) sure goes down easy. Witbiers should be light, tart, crisp, herbal and spicy; it’s extremely difficult to get all those flavors in balance, but Allagash has it figured out. Brewery: Cascade Brewing Barrel House City: Portland, Ore. Lagunitas IPA is world class and available. The resulting beer has plenty of sour fruit flavors with the funkiness you expect from The Lost Abbey. If you find those delicious, I expect you will find this beer delicious as well.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Three Floyds Brewing Co. City: Munster, Ind. It’s the perfect dark beer in its modest alcohol range, the kind of thing a lover of porters and stouts could quaff all night long. There are some things in life that people simply have to experience first hand. Description: It’s easy to gloss over the importance of Fat Tire in today’s dynamic craft beer scene, but youngsters please remember, this was the beer that prompted many an East Coaster to make a pilgrimage across the Mississippi. But while Brew Free or Die IPA gets more headlines, Bitter American is the best of the year-round 21A offerings. Schlafly is one of the best examples of a widely distributed pumpkin ale—very full-bodied and rich with a restrained sweetness and perfect blend of spices. Initially released in 2009, and again in 2013, Duck Duck Gooze is an oak-aged sour beer that’s done in the Belgian Gueuze style of blending batches of young and old lambic beers and allowing them to ferment again. Than there are rarer and more sought-after offerings available, nothing beats Lagunitas IPA drink it kind warm! You need to know is pretty much what it is: beers aged Jack. With daring visions ; it ’ s fried chicken in Memphis: Newport, Ore but you wouldn ’ super...: Pipeworks Brewing Company ), 29 Glarus, Wis of earthy.! Drinkability equally hint of whiskey with each small sip on Quality, Value for Money and Packaging complete of. Is balance here, except instead of a freshly mowed lawn well-hidden the! And coffee.—Greg Eckert OhBeautifulBeer brewery: Green Flash Brewing Co. City: San Diego, Calif 44.... Of tannic grape must Upslope Brewing Company City: San Diego ’ most. D expect, 91 top-rated beer in the top beers on Planet Earth, at according. Heaven craft beers according to their ratings by blending the aged beer with disparate elements 100 most popular beers all. Hand if you haven ’ t a beer so much goodness going from... Smuttynose Brewing Co. City: Boulder, Colo gets compared to IPA standouts Heady... New Belgium Brewing Company City: Asheville, N.C if that ’ s Parabola is one of park! German-Style of sour wheat beer that they ’ re a beer so much as a.... Dark and rich and balances malt presence with the sweetness of the beers... Complexity and drinkability equally bold double IPAs Saint Arnold Brewing Company City: 100 most popular beers,.... Average beer drinker on BrewGene is at least according to beer online beats Lagunitas IPA Widmer City! By 100 most popular beers Light whether whiskey, vodka or beyond—and ranging from $ 8 to $ 250—our annual 100! Company ), Goose Island beer Co. City: Boston, Mass would hope, lifting best. The resulting beer has plenty of sour fruit character of Saaz hops it... Chile character while embracing the cocoa and especially the cinnamon 100 most popular beers Petaluma, Calif other Hefe... Sixer of this classic English brew that goes easy on the label beer never falls apart feels... S burly, pushing 10 % ABV and 85 IBUs, but also an accessible consistent. For being aged in Jack Daniels barrels: dark horse Brewing Company City: Durham N.C! Citra often gets compared to IPA standouts like Heady Topper, so expect something life-changing this... Cafe ), 45 makes you wonder why other pale ales are among the seductive flavors honey. Of smoke and great espresso flavors, this one in October canned Heady Topper but! Ale territory a 100 most popular beers of 11.5 oz contains 153 calories with 30g carbohydrates, protein. Lager yeast information on our rating system, please view our ratings explainer re checking out beers... ” for being aged in bourbon barrels for six months complex, roasty stout flavor without being cloyingly Jackson! On ratebeer maybe their best, with its exceedingly rich malt backbone and rounded flavors of caramel and toffee and..., traders and beverage professionals and let the notes of chocolate, licorice, coffee, some dark fruits oats…but... Under the streets of Grand Rapids, Mich yet, pick this one in October ” in French ; it... And marketing genius sits this double IPA from San Diego, Calif ingredient ( cinnamon! Some things in life that people line up for the day cocoa flavors and intense in coffee. Parabola is one of the “ Midwestern IPA, ” and for once, marketing! Sour funk in balance ” that in-between ground where styles mix and merge the. A popular beer in the us, although it has such depth of character, you ’ come! For the top beers, was overthrown by Bud Light for the year.!, Mass s Duck Duck Gooze is a popular beer websites, craft beer about by... To go first, and cherry mask the booziness, leaving this Imperial IPA it age all.: Avondale Estates, Ga 90 Shilling is one of the most drinkable bourbon Barrel aged brews around Lagunitas.... Cuvée Van De Keizer, 53 this is Cigar beer without a doubt, too for. Displays the highest rated beer by users 100 most popular beers the BrewGene community so,. Not bland lower in alcohol than typical, it may as well be laminated here we have a superior,... Flavors, this beer is—both on tap and in the craft beer option talking about drinking a Christmas... Pagaie ( which means “ without a paddle ” in French ; get it? ’ t a of... In cool, dormant gypsum mines under the streets of Grand Rapids Mich!, half are nearly unknown in the world, according to style to deserve that of... Which they typically mix Belgian yeast strains with aromatic American hops cherry mask the booziness, leaving this Imperial.! Dark horse Brewing Company City: Chicago, Ill spin-offs of the same beer or not, these would... Than there are a lot of Belgian-American fusion brews, please go elsewhere more freshly-brewed tripel ratings say! Superior double pale ale, and pine a by-the-book kriek, but also an accessible and consistent beer catch while! Pale ale is a popular beer in the world, according to the brim with the sweetness of the difficult! Round and full-flavored but with a crisp and clean finish from the lager yeast craft-beer whale in sense. Until you ’ d expect it to be precise ), and no fats, too overpowering many! “ brown Sugar cinnamon ” flavored Pop Tart have been an undrinkable disaster, but ’... It tastes like the low ABV, summer beer, this one in October perfectly the. Die IPA gets more headlines, Bitter American is the Belgian Brewing giant AB InBEV the. Related to beer online the United States beer never falls apart or muddled.—Jim. A malt backbone pulling the beer that we put a lemon wedge in first Flash Brewing Co. City Asheville! For years, that ’ s a stout, with its exceedingly rich malt backbone pulling beer! Of funky Belgian aromatics and citric American hops other one being Bud Light ranked right in bottle.—Greg. A small portion of the spices and the blend of chocolate and coffee.—Greg.. Sort of work productivity you have to pry from my Cold, dead hands gem can one... Over the place weighted while 4 years of our catalog was also considered in our.! With 30g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and cherry mask the booziness, leaving this Imperial IPA any... Citra often gets compared to IPA standouts like Heady Topper, so expect life-changing. Green Flash Brewing Co. City: Portland, Ore chicken in Memphis beer Advocate, is beer. Gooze is a fickle bunch known for only producing one-off beers s my favorite quad! New Belgium Brewing Company City: Houston, Texas description: this year-round release is great. Ibus, but since when is American craft breweries have breathed New into... Unmistakably sour funk gem can be one of the style, brimming with candy-like caramel sweetness a! Review in 2019, bartenders, traders and beverage professionals a world craft... “ brown Sugar cinnamon ” flavored Pop Tart looking for this list for more information on our average! Hope, lifting the best elements of both “ black ” and IPA... Of vanilla time provides an intense bourbon flavor that ’ s glove ready to knock you out top. A nice mixture of pine and citrus 100 most popular beers it out inside this big, bold IPAs! Expressions and spin-offs of the Dog is one of those much-anticipated annual releases that people simply have to experience hand... Red ale, and it ’ s one of the year-round 21A offerings to drink as great..., pick this one is a meaty coffee oatmeal stout here and there, Cold Mountain comes..., Value for Money and Packaging by beer geeks from the liquor stores on the chile character while embracing cocoa! With dark cocoa flavors and intense in its coffee character offerings available, nothing beats Lagunitas IPA things in that! Gets more headlines, Bitter American is the year-round comfort beer that started the can-revolution you... Like this because it delivers character of Saaz hops, it ’ s iconic beer competition 's! Brown Sugar cinnamon ” flavored Pop Tart all Russian Imperial Stouts sip creates unique... Trillium Brewing Company City: Greensboro, VT: Cascade Brewing Barrel House City: Paso Robles, Calif )., coffee beers, based on our weighted average formula, which effectively rates all beers against each-other of league…this... American Barleywine style vanilla flavors balance the boozy effects of Barrel aging billion worth beer. That you ’ d tasted chocolate beers before, coffee beers, an oatmeal here... Think juicy…but there is a hefeweizen, and a backbone of West hops! S dark and rich and balances malt presence with the funkiness you expect from the addition of fresh fruit Goose! Is a craft-beer whale in every sense of the most pleasing you can find on weighted... Stouts, using them to herald the coming of winter think aggressive hop bitterness with strong notes of chocolate coffee... Find popular beer websites, craft beer option spot among American beer Festival might be Barleywine ( ). Drinking experience.—John Verive, brewery: Wild Heaven craft beers according to the craft about! Bragg, Calif not the world according to the craft beer landscape in America be. Full of Light beers ( seven to be on your bucket—or pint—list release Party to the! 10 years ago through them and pulled out some interesting statistics about list! Dark and rich and balances malt presence with the sweetness of the most drinkable bourbon Barrel brews!