“IPM targets changing of the farmer’s practices toward growing a healthy crop and increasing the farm output and farmers income on a sustainable basis while improving the environment and community health”. 1987; Mitchell and Saul 1990; Smith 1992). The weight reduction per fruit was determined on the basis of average fruit weight at each of the four reproductive stages of cucumber. pest population can be suppressed effectively and its infestation can be Growing As a result, cucurbitaceous vegetable plays an important role to supplement this shortage during the lag period (Rashid 1993). When fruit fly infestation by number and by weight were studied by color ribbon, silver ribbon showed the best performance for fruit fly control. flies can be controlled by using poison bait (100g smashed ripened pumpkin + Adult chlorophyll and make the leaves net like appearance. Insecticide protection is possible by using a cover spray (the bait sprays used against fruit flies in … Effect of different bagging on fruit infestation by number in cucumber grown in, 1997-98 cropping season at BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Pheromone and indigenous bait traps can be effectively used for fruit fly capture which proved to be potentially useful for reduced fruit injury and higher yields of cucurbit crops. But the lowest damage occurred in fields baited with cuelure+ MSG, followed by cuelure and MSG, whereas the highest damage recovery (infested but marketable ) was obtained in cuelure and cuelure +MSG baited fields . Cucurbit fruit fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett), is one of the most important pests of cucurbits, and squash (Cucurbita pepo Lin.) The treatment should be applied as soon as the pest appears and repeated To identify some approaches for the management of cucurbit fruit fly. Among several management practices have been adopted in different parts of the world to several management The mature larva emerges from the fruit, drops to the ground, and forms a tan to dark brown puparium. water. Therefore, this study indicated that the treatment T2 where bagging of fruits was done at 3 days after anthesis and maintained for 5 days reduced the fruit infestation by weight significantly throughout the whole reproductive stages (Table 2). Buy Cucurbit Fruit Fly (Bactrocera cucurbitae Coq.) IPM, undoubtedly since last few years has been a much talked scientific phenomenon in Bangladesh, particularly in the area of the agricultural policy makers. No. Fruit fly capture, yield and fruit infestation in cucumber. It was found under the surface of bottle gourd leaf, photoshoot done in the noon. when cut open. Fruit 7. At late fruiting stage the percent of infested fruits by weight under T2, T4, and T5 were statistically similar as compared with T1 and T3 (Table 2). They observed the following results:-, Percent infestation of fruit fly by number. About nine days are required for attainment of sexual maturity after the adult fly emerges. The annual production of vegetables is only 2.5 million tons, including potato and sweet potato (Anon.1993).The optimum requirement of vegetable for a full grown person is 285g but in Bangladesh it is only 32g(Hossainet al. In Summer Squash: Damage Assessment and Management Options by Sapkota, Rekha (ISBN: 9783844393453) from Amazon's Book Store. These infestations were also statistically comparable to those of untreated control (Table 1). The results suggested that pheromone and indigenous bait traps have great potential for use as control techniques for fruit fly IPM. Which Factors are Affecting Employee Compensation? Once a pest of minor to moderate importance generally, it has become a rather important pest. Statistically higher rate of infestation (%)was observed in untreated control plot. The result strongly suggests that the pheromone cuelure possesses strong luring capacity to attract fruit flies   from a wide distance, whereas MSG is effective in attracting only the fruit flies which are present within a cucurbit crop. The pattern of fly catches in year 2000 and 2001 shows that continuous mass trapping has probably reduced the fruit fly population in the area. Effect of mass trapping on fruit fly incidence. early in the morning. Due to its nature of infestation, it is very difficult to control the pest. Infested Nasiruddin & Karim (1992) recommended collection and destruction of infested fruits with larvae inside for reducing fruits fly population on snake gourd. The following results were observed: Fruit fly capture in pheromone dispensers and the bait trap differed significantly. neem oil cake in the soil has been reported to kill the pest larvae. Hello! Here the best performance in suppressing fruit fly was obtained from treatment involving bagging of fruits at 3 days after anthesis and retaining the bag for 5 days. The Cucurbits are infested by several insect pests which are considered to be the significant obstacles for economic production. Fruit fly is the most damaging pest of cucurbits and considered as an important obstacle for economic production of these crops. is the serious pest responsible for considerable damage of cucurbits ( The study focused on wild adults of the three Cucurbit fruit fly species present on Reunion Island: B. Cucurbitae, D. ciliatus, and D. demmerezi.The observations were carried out several times per experimental design, ranging from three in PB08 to eight in TR10. Conclusion. 2001) on management of cucurbit fruit fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae, in cucumber and sweet gourd by using pheromone and indigenous bait traps and its effect on year- round incidence of fruit fly. An experiment was conducted by Alam et al. with the help of library facilities of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU),  Bangladesh Agricultural Research council (BARC), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) etc. Although the rate of attack varies among the crop, infestation reduced both the yield and quality of the cucurbit fruits. Percent fruit infestation by number, percent fruit fly infestation by weight and percent weight reduction per fruit were studied by mechanical and cultural practices. In view of the above facts, the main focus of this paper is lying in the following specific objectives: This seminar paper is exclusively a review paper and has been prepared by reviewing various books, journals, workshop/symposium, proceedings, reports, publications, thesis etc. As usual, the fruit fly catches in cuelure baited traps were 5-10 times higher than that caught in MSG traps. Bagging of individual cucumber at 3 days after anthesis (DAA) and left for 5 days significantly reduced the fruit fly infestation compared to bagging at 1, 5, 7 DAA and left for 3, 7, and 7 days respectively. In situations where chemical control of melon fruit fly becomes necessary, one has to rely on soft insecticides with low residual toxicity and short waiting periods. Cucurbit Fruit Fly (Bactrocera Cucurbitae Coq.) the adult and grub stages feed on the leaf surfaces and skeletonize the leaves At fruit initiation stage significantly minimum fruit infestation by weight was obtained under T2 treatment. the larvae and adults can be shaken down in container of kerosinized water But, your job is well done.pest control Brisbane south. The highest weight reduction was observed in untreated plots which was similar to those from cultural control  plots (Table 6). underground stem portion and by feeding on the leaves and fruits line in Observations of adult flies. The increasing use of synthetic insecticides has led to a number of problems such as development of resistance to insecticides in some insect pests, high insecticide residues in market produce, resurgence or increased infestation by some insect species due to the destruction of natural predators and parasitoids, changing pest status of mites and other minor insect pests, ecological imbalance and danger to health of the pesticide applicator. An experiment was conducted by Rahman et al. Cucumber yields in pheromone and sweet gourd baited fields were comparable (Table 9). Cucurbit Fruit Fly Fruit flies are most damaging for cucurbitaceous crops. It was followed by cuelure liquid +5% dibrom (185) and 92% cuelure +8% naled (172). Among them, cucurbit fruit fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae Coquillett is the major pest responsible for considerable damage (Butani and Jotwani, 1984). in certain cases. bigger and mature fruits become unfit for human consumption. (1999) on effectiveness of some mechanical & cultural methods for suppressing fruit fly in cucumber. It occurs in the Andean countries, Paraguay, southern Brazil, and northern Argentina. The mashed sweet gourd baits, although captured lower number of fruit flies than the pheromone traps, significantly lessened fruit infestation and produced 35% more yield than the untreated control plot. Apply Atwal (1993) suggested such mechanical control measures in farmer’s fields as normal practice for effective control against this pest in India. As an  IPM package Cypermethrin @ 0.5 ml/liter of water at 15 days intervals +bagging of fruits at 3 DAA and kept for 5 days + bait trap might be considered as the best package in reducing fruit infestation and increasing yield. How to control pumpkin fly A natural enemy includes the parasitic braconid wasp, Fopius bevisi, that attacks the larvae. The trends in the level of fruit fly infestation at other three reproductive stages including mean of all stages were the same. muskmelon and other cucurbitaceous crops. The female fruit fly showed preference for yellow, red and to a lesser extent for indigo color ribbon, while silver ribbons elicited a very low response. Fruit flies are important pests of fruits, vege-tables, and other ornamental plants (Bharathi et al. Cypermethrin at15 days interval + bagging fruits at 3 DAA for 5 days + bait trap. early that the plant passes the cotyledon stage by the time the beetles become fruits with apparent firmness and growth show internal decay and foul smell On the basis of the  findings of the present study, the following conclusion may be drawn: The comparative evaluation of different methods against fruit fly revealed that, bagging of fruits at 3 DAA and retained for 5 days, bait trap and pheromone trap may be recommended for the management of cucurbit fruit fly. The The fruit fly capture can create a negative impact on fruit infestation. Effect of IPM Package(s) on fruit infestation by number in cucumber grown in  1998-99 cropping season at BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh, Means followed by similar letter in a column are statistically similar at 5% level by DMRT. resinous encrustation at the sites of ovipositional punctures due to discharge generation is therefore more injurious than the subsequent generations. rind with the ovipositor. are major insect pest of teasle gourd, cucumber, bitter gourd, watermelon, The mean percent of infested fruits of all stages from mechanical control (9.48%) showed the lower level of infestation compared with field sanitation (19.18%) and control (24.10%). is highly prone to damage by this pest in Nepal. Buy Occurrence and Management of Cucurbit Fruit fly in Pachkhal, Nepal by Rai, Sabnam (ISBN: 9783659485633) from Amazon's Book Store. Contact https://safepestcontrol.net.au/ today, Sydney's leading Pest specialists for over a decade. at 15 days interval. The higher the fruit fly capture the lesser was the fruit infestation and higher was the yield. of flies trap=260 males +411 females; male: female sex ratio = 1:1.58, Comparative effectiveness of pheromone dispensers and bait traps. The lowest fruit infestation by weight was obtained from the silver color ribbon treated plot. Catches in mashed sweet gourd and methyl eugenol + naled were the lowest, 86 and 18, respectively. At mid fruiting stage, the differences in percent infested fruits under all treatments including untreated control were not significant (P=0.05). 2004). At mid-fruiting stage the efficacy of T1, T3 and T4 on reduction of infested fruit by weight was not satisfactory and percent of infested fruit by weight under these treatments was not statistically different from that of untreated control (T5). if the cropped area is small. The extent of yield-loss caused by the pest to cucurbita-ceous vegetables ranges from 30–100%, depending upon cucurbit species and the sea-son (Dhillon et al. The pheromone traps captured the highest number of flies, more then 20 times higher than that captured in indigenous mashed sweet gourd traps, and effected 5 times less fruit infestation than the untreated fields. Cucurbit fruit fly Bactrocera cucurbitae, is one of the most important pests of cucurbits.. Photo about green, adult, macro, close, natural, insect, nature, inject, gourd - 159080195 female flies select soft and young fruits for oviposition by puncturing the Reference Letter for recommending a student for Higher Studies, Assignment on Campaign and Report on Rat Damages. An experiment was conducted (Anon. Effect of cultural and mechanical practices on fruit infestation by weight in, cucumber grown in 1997-98 cropping season at BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh. The mean value of weight reduction per fruit ( %) recorded under T2 (bagging of fruits at 3 days after anthesis and kept  for 5 days) was statistically significant. Effect of colored ribbons on weight reduction per fruit and reduction over control, for reproductive stages in net house on bitter gourd in earthen plots (1999-2000 rabi season) at BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh, Weight reduction (%) over control calculated during 1999-2000 rabi season for total reproductive stages for, In a column, means followed by same latter(s) are statistically similar at 5% level by LSD. Significantly the lowest weight reduction per fruit was obtained in cucumber harvested from mechanically controlled plots which was statistically similar to that from Malathion treated plots. Cucurbit fruit fly preferred young and immature fruits and resulted in a loss of 9.7% female flowers. attacked leaves turn brown, dry up and fall off. MSG baited traps, on the other hand, captured the fruit flies only in presence of cucurbit crops, but not during fallow periods. This might lead to develop the IPM package(s) against this pest. If more than 10% of fruits are infected, spray with a mixture of Malathion 50 EC at 1 ml/litre of water … young and smaller fruits of the infested creepers may dry up, whereas the Effect of cultural and mechanical practice on infestation of fruit fly in cucumber grown in 1997-98 cropping season at BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh, Figures followed by similar letter in a column are statistically similar at 5 percent level by DMRT. Infested Leave a Reply Cancel reply ( / ) ( / ) ( / ) ( / ) Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. An experiment was conducted on comparative effectiveness of various sex pheromone dispensers and mashed sweet gourd bait traps for fruit fly control (Anon. The Effect of   different bagging on weight reduction per fruit at different reproductive, stages in cucumber grown in 1997-98 cropping season at BSMRAU, Gazipur,       Bangladesh, Management of fruit fly by Cultural & mechanical control. To assess the alternative use of toxic chemicals for the management of cucurbit fruit fly. An experiment was conducted by Aktaruzzamn et al. 1998). A poisoned bait gave good control of fruit flies (Steiner et al. Bait trap showed the best performance than untreated control plot. which present a lace like appearance. At this stage there was no significant difference in fruit infestation by weight under T1, T3 and T5. and melon [ Cucumis melo ]. The issue that you raised in your blog is really very serious, and most of people lose the quality and integrity of such subjects, when they try to pen it down. damaged roots and the underground roots and the underground stems portion may Several biotic factors limit the production and productivity of cucurbits, of which the cucurbit fruit fly, Bactrocera cu-curbitae (Coquillett) (Diptera: Tephritidae), has been the most prominent pest. Weight reduction per fruit recorded at fruit initiation, early fruiting and late fruiting stages under T2 were also minimal and the trend of reduction was similar to mean values of all stages (Table 3). infestation of fruit fly (Bactrocera cucurbitae) was severe in all the cucurbit crops. Therefore, it is difficult to rely on insecticides as a means of controlling this pest. The fruits of cucurbits, of which the melon fly is a serious pest, are picked up at short intervals for marketing and self-consumption. Most of the important vegetables are produced in winter. Significantly the lowest percent of fruit infestation by weight was obtained in fruits harvested from T2treatment comprising bagging of fruits at 3 days after anthesis and continued for 5 days (Table 2). BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF CUCURBIT FRUIT FLY (Bactrocera cucurbitae Coquillett) 1. They also observed that 78.4% reduction of fruit infestation over the infestation rate in the control (Table 7). fruits are either rotten or deformed in shape due to the microbial infection. However, this wasp is... Cucurbits planted between December and February suffer more losses than those planted earlier. Vegetables are not equally produced throughout the year in the country. 1990; and Ramphall and Gill 1990). and drain out fruit juice through punctures. Weight reduction over control was higher in T4 treated plot and lower in T2 treated plot . Insects have been shown to be capable of perceiving color and there is considerable variation in terms of wavelength perceived by different insect (Atkins 1978). It is a serious agricultural pest, particularly in Hawaii. 12 Aug. The mean value of weight reduction per fruit ranged from 34.36 to 76.87%. Bitter gourd was also affected the same by 15 per cent. When detected, it is important to gather all infected host fruits, and destroy them. Their services are 100% organic and safe. 1993). Such rotten or deformed fruits are not fit for sale or human consumption. 1999-2000). The Effect of different bagging on percent fruit infestation by weight in cucumber grown         in997-98 cropping season at BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh, Means followed by similar letter in a column are statistically similar at 5%lrvel by DMRT. 4. Under the supervision of our Mentor “Avinash Dhobale”, we are proficiently moving towards success in this domain. On the contrary, all the pheromone traps captured only males (Table 8 and Fig.2). Bangladesh is predominantly an agriculture based country. The A cluster method have been developed and suggested by Kapoor (1993) to control these pests. I will be coming back to your website for more soon.pest control companieshome pest control, نعتبر شركتنا افضل شركة مكافحة حشرات بالرياض تعمل علي تقديم خدمات محترفة تضمن للعميل ابادة حشرات المنزل مع الحصول علي الضمان المناسب نحن في ركن نجد نقدم أفضل مبيدات وأدوات مكافحة الحشرات بالرياض خصيصا لأننا نسعي لتقديم أرقي وأفضل وأجود الخدمات كما تقدم شركة مكافحة الحشرات بالرياض كخدمة مميزة.مكافحة النمل الابيضمكافحة الحشرات بالرياضشركة مكافحة حشرات بالرياض, Al Horus Clean offers many services including water leakage detection services.
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