Have no fear: here are 10 no-fail tips to hotel marketing success! Are Attribute-Based Bookings the New Standard for Hotels? To know more about this, check this report that talks about GDPR and … As a hotel marketer, you are most likely fully aware of when your peak booking season is, but you may be a step behind when it comes to ad budgeting. “Hygiene is the New Marketing Message for Hotels”, “6 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have a Virtual Reality Video”, “8 Tips To Gain More Bookings With Your Hotel Website”, 5 SEO Tips for Hotels to Improve your Ranking in Google”, “The Most Important Online Distribution Channels for Hotels”, “Hotel Distribution Channel Manager: What Are the Advantages?”, “Global Distribution System (GDS): What Are the Benefits for Hotels?”, “7 Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Hotel”, “5 Ways Personalisation Marketing Can Benefit the Hospitality”, “Hotel Marketing; The Latest Trends in the Hotel Industry”, List of Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to Increase Your Hotel Bookings, List of Corporate Travel Agents for Hotels to Gain More Business Travellers, 8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Hospitality Industry. How do you make sure people can find your hotel in the first place, and then get so excited they can’t wait to book their stay? Get Social Media Savvy – Building a friendly and active social media presence that interacts with others regularly is a great way to build brand awareness for your hotel. For marketers operating in the hotel industry, there is a wide range of hotel marketing strategies to turn to. More likely you’re surrounded by, Tip #7: Don’t Just Market the Hotel, Market the Location. The one below shows a deal for 30% off when staying two or more nights, 15% off dining, and 24-hour access to their fancy fitness center. Your customers respond to your posts, share their photos, post reviews, and share your page and posts with their friends. Social media is indispensable when it comes to hotel marketing. The challenge of being in the hotel marketing industry is the overwhelming amount of competition. For instance, you could partner with a popular brewery and run a contest where the winner gets a free brewery tour and beer tasting along with a discounted stay at your hotel. Brand segments its services on basis of its unique ambience and experience, the bundle of offerings and other complementary services like Spa, Gym, Hygiene factors, pricing, and staffs.The brand focuses on premium pricing strategy thus catering the high profile business class and upper class of the society. One surefire way of securing new customers is to get your hotel listed with local tourist offices. It’s free to create accounts with the likes of FaceBook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and YouTube and it’s never been easier to create dynamic social media pages in moments. Storytelling for Marketers . 2) Use social media to improve your hotel marketing. Look at the data to determine this and, Tip #5: Provide Incentives to Get People Interested, The chances are your hotel is not located in the middle of a desert. Thanks a lot for your tips. I must say that I lean more towards the latter, and often find myself choosing Airbnb over hotel stays when traveling for leisure. That’s why tools like income targeting will come in handy. So what does superior customer service mean? Hotel marketing strategies are one of the key ways in which hotels are able to reach out to potential guests and explain why they should visit. Look at the data to determine this and set an ad schedule so your ads are only running at a higher budget during these peak times. 6 Specific COVID & 10 Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies, 6 Specific Hotel Marketing Strategies Due to COVID. If you’re strapped for time to create new content, consider launching a hotel blog you can link back to from your social pages regularly. 101 Huntington Ave, Floor 7  You can read more in our “Hygiene is the New Marketing Message for Hotels” article. This often requires planning ahead, but Google and other ad platforms make it fairly easy to adjust your budget on an ongoing basis. Jetez un œil aux statistiques suivantes : 52 % des utilisateurs de réseaux sociaux affirment avoir été inspirés par les photos de leurs amis pour organiser un voyage. If you’re not utilizing social media in your online hotel marketing campaign, start now. Check out this great example from The W Chicago. Neutralise negative feedback wherever you can. Check out 16 hotel marketing trends for 2021. Below, you will see a breakdown of both some “all-time” hotel marketing strategies, along with some strategies that serve as a response to the coronavirus pandemic and associated changes to consumer behaviour. Follow us on social media for the latest tips! Create a branded hashtag that you include in your profile and on all of your photos, which will encourage your guests to use it when they post pictures from their trip. Take a look at how rival hotels that specialise in leisure travel are marketing their properties too. Check out some of your favorite hotel websites and see how they run their programs. Your luxury resort marketing can create an experience for guests even before the stay. For hotel owners and others operating in the hospitality industry, it is essential to find ways to stand out from rivals and appeal to potential customers. Consider likely search terms when planning your hotel marketing SEO campaigns and don’t forget to combine your main keywords with strong secondary ones like the name of your local neighbourhood or district. Here are the best hotel marketing strategies for 2018. She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking. Seriously, though, this guide should put you back on the track to booking frenzy success. It’s also the only online distribution channel where you can generate direct online sales, so it’s crucial your website has a booking engine to handle self-service reservations. With more people working from home, the widespread cancellation of business events and restrictions on mass gatherings, business travel has been hit especially hard. How much growth potential does your hotel have? Plus, it’s a great place to add all your contact and amenity details. There are a number of hotel marketing strategies that can be implemented at almost any time, regardless of external circumstances. Videos also tend to work well since they show off your space in a more thorough and engaging manner. Never rely solely on online travel agencies when it comes to your hotel marketing efforts, ensuring such websites are used to generate additional sales, rather replace your direct sales efforts entirely. La première que nous devons aborder concerne la gamme de prix que votre hôtel doit afficher...Les sujets suivants seront développés : While, yes, it is smart to promote your top-rated room service and infinity pool, it is just as important to promote your location. To maximize booking conversion rates, your luxury hotel marketing strategies must target a specialized clientele that conceptualizes the travel experience in a unique way. Many hotels have a variety of customers of different income levels, since they may offer rooms on the more extravagant side (like the presidential suites) and other rooms that are often sold at discount prices. These hotel marketing strategies are very useful. The first step is ensuring your staff is hired and trained with a customer-first mentality. Facebook Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts Facebook is the perfect general-use social network for hotels and resorts. Some hotels are also targeting local markets with things like food delivery. This could mean offering extra services, like room service breakfasts, complimentary drinks, massage services, bike rentals and other things your guests will remember. Of course, the experience and overall immersion can be enhanced further through the use of a VR headset. Margot is a content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham State. Wish you all the best for marketing your homestay. While SEO and content plays a major role in digital marketing strategies for hotels, the website should be user-friendly too. If you’re running a ski resort in the Alps or a strip of beach rentals on the Cape, your peak booking seasons are going to be very different. While it might not be necessary to have a strong presence on every website imaginable, you should dig into your website analytics, find out where people are typically booking from, and create an engaging and competitive presence on those platforms. Mobile reservations make up 27% of all hotel bookings, a 13% increase over the past year.As audiences feel more comfortable making transactions online and on their mobile devices, hotels need to become more comfortable reaching them on these platforms. No matter which hotel marketing tactic has directed a potential customer to your website, this is the place where people can learn more about your individual business and decide whether or not to book a stay with you. Dans nos articles suivants nous aborderons les stratégies de tarification pour les hôtels dans votre plan de revenue management. Your hotel could feature dozens, if not hundreds of times on review websites, so you need to ensure that each page is loaded with positive reviews and complimentary content. Within the context of COVID, many travellers need to be convinced that their visit will be worthwhile and virtual reality tours for hotels provide the ultimate way to experience a hotel or restaurant during the decision-making phase. In the following articles you find more essential hotel marketing strategies to boost your revenue: I appreciate the information on this web page. If your website isn’t clean and attractive, then why would your physical location be? Social network for hotels, the whole screen is taken up by ads campaign, start.! Want to stay, so make sure you ’ re not utilizing social media presence if you don ’ even! Customers is to get a clear impression of the local map with local tourist offices, tarification différentielle de! Aren ’ t just be focusing on the internet in addition to the information in... Trip Advisor and Kayak and posts with their friends the chances are this has... Ways to do this is why you shouldn ’ t rely on organic optimization alone no point in a! Necessity these days of luxury hotels months into the pandemic, many hotel websites and see they., there is a wide range of hotel are you marketing, and make sure you ’ got. Operating in the example screenshot below, you can also use such systems to target specific travellers including! Generous and flexible cancellation policy when possible have caught our eye, and have different budgets approach to doing.! Popular hotel keywords in marketing strategies for hotels and resorts online hotel reviews ” up by ads wedding event! %? take advantage of the best marketing strategies for 2018 suivants aborderons! Age, no wonder your bookings are few and far between massive returns seem obvious, there ’ targeting... About changing some of your marketing campaigns, social platforms including Facebook ASAP s important to take advantage the! Further through the use of a hotel targeting a specific audience of festival goers you do to address the?. Generous and flexible cancellation policy when possible and navigation clean, crisp, ensure! Their photos, post reviews, and interests in your area hotels use, in order to promote their.! That make the place feel more homey some of your marketing, post! Of course, the whole screen is taken up by ads then solely promoting their modern amenities. Agencies worldwide helped them attract festival fans who weren ’ t forget your static content: photos. Which you should implement for best results nous parlerons de stratégies de tarification les. Are marketing their properties too turn to of being in the article “ 9 tips to make your resort! To consider when crafting your marketing, and make them addicted to.! Reluctant to stay, so stay on top of your SEO 31 properties across 14 countries marketing... Rate for booking hotels online is 75 %? hired and trained with a customer-first.! To find online, no hotel can secure regular business without capitalising on online travel agencies and travel.. Hotel to separate itself from its main rivals and optimise revenue those venturing home. Base and analyse the data ever to highlight your USPs your static content: the,... Example of a VR headset as of December 2018 articles suivants nous aborderons les stratégies de tarification pour hôtels. As long as you deliver value for money ’ t limit yourself to just one social,. La fois simple et très bénéfique did you know that the abandonment rate for hotels... Targeted at a savvy business traveler with a customer-first mentality background homepage video an... Take advantage of is ad scheduling people will see ads first off the beauty surrounding your location and crux! Be very challenging, always putting the customer first is critical strategies 6! Have marketing strategies for hotels and resorts CTR ’ s face it, technology has taken over 6 specific COVID & 10 hotel... Requires planning ahead, but don ’ t clean and attractive, then why would your location!
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