Eatsmart scale) with similar functions and features that often come at higher costs. I have the same question. Nokia and Withings created this highly durable smart bathroom scale, one that comes with an aesthetic look, and thin build for easy storage. Problem resolved. In fact, how does the scale even know who it's weighing? No luck. While it has some flaws (and is a little pricey at ~$100), it definitely earned it’s way on this list with it’s design and ease of use. What to do? Now my app it reporting as he is the app owner and I cannot change it back. Hello, same problem as many other users seems to have. Please let me know how to proceed so she can get al the information (weight, fat, IMC, ...) I bought my withings body+ one month ago. I have no way to solve it. Body Cardio is pretty pricey for me, but if it’s worth it, I will go with it. They give you up to 300 lbs of weight capacity, which is significantly lower than the competition. Withings Smart Activity Tracker and Smart Body Analyzer scale (hands-on) New, 11 comments By Bryan Bishop @bcbishop Jan 6, 2013, 5:40pm EST Hello, same problem as many other users seems to have. Added my boyfriend. But aside from that, how can the 'guest(s)' review their weight over time via the app? When i connect the charger, symbol says 100%. Withings Scale is a digital weighing scale by Withings that has several unique features, such as Full body composition analysis, nutrition tracking, and daily weather forecast. If you're considering buying a Bathroom Scale in the $45 range, you might want to … James Martin. Tried wall plugs, via computer etc. The Withings Body+ scale is a great choice if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of your own body. The user may really need the main account's credentials to view their own data. When i connect the charger, symbol says 100%. There's really little to no information about this basic issue on the Withings app and site. The RENPHO smart scale and corresponding app have a multitude of benefits to use and provide a very high degree of accuracy in calculating body fat and other measurements, comparable to models (i.e. Now I’m conflicted about which Withings scale to buy. Yes, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 ($149.95 direct) is a scale that can tweet your weight. Please let me know how to proceed so she can get al the information (weight, fat, IMC, ...) However, I discovered that Withings scale offers more functions that will interest him, and is compatible with the Fitbit app. The Withings Body Cardio scale is one of the best looking smart scale that could adorn your bathroom, but a lot of what's useful here is also in the Body+ at the top of this page. when try to start it - says 0% battery and shuts off. Has anybody resolved this issue yet please? Back in 2010, Withings introduced the Connected Scale, a handsome dark glass- and metal-topped digital scale with 802.11b/g connectivity and a free weight monitoring app.At the time, we noted that its $160 price tag was awfully high for what could charitably be described as a relatively plain bathroom scale, with little to recommend it over $60 alternatives. I am the first user and once the scale and its app installed and working, I added my wife as a new family member but she just just gets info of her weight and no impedance data. Please give your valuable ratings and reviews for Withings. Here you will find the solution on how to replace the battery: It provides detailed historical data and metrics on your weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water, heart rate and bone mass, so you can see how those measurements and your health and fitness change over weeks, months, quarters and years. If you tried using other charging cable and the scale still wont charge, try to contact them directly at so they can give you additional help. To preserve the Withings Forum as a place of kindness, mutual support, and interest for the products and services provided by Withings, I am committed to: Be courteous and participate in the community with a spirit of friendliness and understanding, Ensure that my messages do not infringe on the rights, reputation, image, or privacy of others, Avoid any and all discussions which contain insulting or discriminatory comments, Abide by the full terms and conditions outlined. I found the links below related to this: Super easy and helpful! Now back to the scale itself. The QardioBase 2 scale B200 is widely considered to be a great Bathroom Scale at its $100 budget. I think the best workaround for this is to set the user as independent. On the back is an easy to access battery chamber. Withings’ digital bathroom scale comes packed with lots of features that go above and beyond the rest. I bought my withings body+ one month ago. The Withings WiFi scale looks really sexy. Note that this community is supported by its members, not the Withings Support Team. Many have sensors that can estimate your muscle mass and body fat, measure your heart rate and even calculate your basal metabolic rate, all in an effort to keep track of your health or help you lose weight. If battery gets too empty, it won't charge any more. Buy online steel HR sport watch, sleep tracking mat, Thermo and Body+ scale at! I´ve used several chargers - no help. Withings (formerly Nokia Health) health ecosystem of connected devices & apps is designed to improve daily wellbeing and long-term health. when try to start it - says 0% battery and shuts off. Normally your baby just won’t sit still on the scale, well, Withings got you covered! Withings will require 5 heart rate measures to start giving you the PWV, which I'm guessing is to help it calibrate and understand your body better. But if you create a RENPHO account and share your information with us, we can provide you with better service. The Garmin Index Smart Scale is the only other Wi-Fi equipped smart scale I know of (from a reputable company at least), and this has generally received unfavourable reviews while also costing more than comparatively specced scales.