Others live in RVs that are more stationary, so the kids are able to attend a traditional school. I now prefer driving the motorhome because of the amazing view from behind the wheel. Let me show you some simple strategies for living the cheap RV lifestyle. We love finding rural spots and feeling so small and alone in this big, beautiful world. Let’s get started with RV living for beginners…. So many questions! When needed, if our signal isn’t strong enough or we have to upload a large amount of files, we take the jeep out to the nearest establishment with WiFi and work from there for a few hours. We only do monthly stays (way more affordable than daily or weekly rates) so obviously the park has to offer those as well. Boondocking just wasn’t going to work for us. Instead, you might opt for an older model of travel trailer and do a bit of DIY RV renovation like many of our contributors did. At one particular campground, we had zero service and couldn’t even check our email from our phones, but after connecting the WeBoost, we were able to stream a movie!! ABOUT. Do not leave stuff out so you have to move it. Many parents choose to homeschool or “road school” their school-aged children, which is really amazing. We serve the areas of Greenville, … How much does it cost to RV full time? See more ideas about simple living, camper, camping. There’s honestly nowhere you can’t drive an RV…well except overseas! Reason being, if you get to a spot you’re intending to stay at for a long period of time, its nice to be able to set up more of a home base in your trailer- Putting out your camping chairs, being able to have a vase of flowers out, etc, etc, and not having to pack everything up the moment you want to go anywhere. We also love that on travel days, we have access to our kitchen and bathroom…actually, our whole house. Terms of Service and Disclosures . How to Make Your Own Yurt For Cheap and Simple RV Living. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Meet Three Women RVers Who Call the Road Their Home . We have to work as a team when we are on the road, and she is a part of our decisions and day-to-day living. The entire thing including all cabinets has been repainted + new vinyl flooring installed. We travel A LOT, so we spend a lot on gas, which often brings our monthly vehicle/gas payment up to the cost of what it was living in a house with bills. Gwen & CJ say: We drive our 32’ Class C RV and tow a Jeep Wrangler behind. First, there will be some other steps we have to take, but in the name of research, we figured we’d start at least some of the planning and dreaming right now. We’ve been primarily in the Southwest since living full- time, and had no idea that we were looking at $700+ a month on the low end PLUS the payment for our 5th wheel. Sometimes we know we might not ever see them again and that can be difficult to explain to small kids. We have to ensure we are hooked up to electricity to leave the air conditioning on. In late 2008 we sold our house, sold or donated the bulk of our possessions (YAY! Ashley H says: It really depends on what type of RV you have to figure out what vehicle you need. If it doesn’t have a dog park, we try and find out if there are grassy areas dogs are allowed on. What’s the best setup for RVing full time or even part-time? As part of our transition to RV living, we had to learn about RV maintenance, how to renovate a RV, how to anticipate our needs on the road, how to make sure we could work from the road, and much more. It’s just as expensive as apartment living sometimes! If not, you won’t be able to plug in. We have done this several times. The basic idea with the WeBoost is that you install a special, high power antenna which allows your devices to connect to a stronger, more reliable signal. All new bedding, blankets, pillows, and décor items were added. So far we have stayed on some gorgeous land. Our first step was paying off all our debt and lowering our monthly bills to next to nothing. I like to think we were the perfect team on this project. YES. We can fit almost anywhere, including parking downtown in busy cities! You don’t want to be driving when it’s too windy or you could tip your rig and crash. We renovated our RV and make a custom “kids suite” with 4 bunk beds, pull out storage drawers, a play/desk area, their own TV, black out blinds AND a thick “sound proof” door as well. Hailey and John say: Choose a rig and go from there. Written in clear simple language with lots of humor thrown in. Although I will admit, the perks of homeschooling are becoming more & more appealing. We are always in new places, discovering new things! Oh, and we NEEDED electricity without depending on generators every day. Researching everything was life-saving! It’s helped us to know when to say yes and when to say no. RV living forces you to not accumulate crap. Fortunately, there are tons of awesome couples and families already living the RV life that we can learn from. dog is VERY social, and meeting new dogs and people everywhere we go has been a huge plus of fulltime RV living. Nathalie and Louis say: We have a 1969 Airstream Globetrotter. You’ll start to get excited browsing these images and it will give you lots of ideas as a starting point for embarking on your own full time camping life. The second reason is if you’re looking at a bigger rig, driving it down to a coffee shop and maneuvering it through smaller parking lots can be a challenge. Lindsay says: We park in Dan’s parents’ driveway all the time and my mom’s neighborhood allows it on the street for a few days as well. And perhaps most important of all, wow does one get WiFi? We spent over $300 on propane just to heat our rig, shower, cook, etc.—and that was also having an electric fireplace! In other words, they’re living the dream! Is this possible? Nathalie and Louis say: We are full time boondockers. Sometimes we can go weeks without there being other kids for them to play with. Efficiency I tell you! The tendency is to bring too much. gone. I pay $600 monthly with electric included. We gutted the kitchen and bathroom and put in new counters, faucets and backsplashes. The other challenge we face is that most National Parks have very strict rules on where you can bring your dogs. Courtney says: It all depends entirely on how you travel and what types of places you are comfortable staying. Check the RV batteries. Then when we got to the interior after the building portion was complete, I took over with the paint, fixtures, electrical, decor and textiles. (Our Little Green Adventure) – on Instagram @littlegreenadventure, Mandy (Wilson Grand Adventures) – on Instagram @wilsongrandadventures, Lindsay (Follow Your Detour )- on Instagram @follow_your_detour, Mars, Ash, & Everly (Fite Travels) – on Instagram @fitetravels, Hailey & John (Wander Winnie) – on Instagram @wander_winnie, Megan & Brandon (Our Wild Road) – on Instagram @ourwildroad, Courtney (Out of Office Family) – on Instagram @outofofficefamily. Having a fire or something happening to us while we are out and the dogs being stuck inside is my biggest fear so I take every precaution. In many ways, living in an RV isn’t all that different from living in a house, even though you may have less space. Make sure you're not leaving anything behind with our free, printable RV packing lists. Do you want to tow a car? Dedicated to the part-time RV Lifestyle. Without getting super technical, you need a truck with a towing capacity so that you can safely tow whatever you purchase. Jen and Dustin say: YES. Take the time to get specific and ask yourself the questions that might make you feel uneasy. It’s only 20 ft. long and has high ground clearance. We’ve also treated ourselves to luxury RVs. The real life perspective makes it even more helpful. Our dog is VERY social, and meeting new dogs and people everywhere we go has been a huge plus of fulltime RV living. It’s 35 foot with one super slide. We carry the latest Thor, Heartland, Keystone, and Dutchmen models as well as parts, service and financing. We resealed all exterior compartments and corner trims. 30+ Awesome Camping Gift Ideas for Couples. How do people living this lifestyle work while traveling or living in an RV? We would consider other options, if we weren’t full time. There is always something that needs to be fixed. C.J.’s family lives in a suburban area outside of Dallas and we are only allowed to street park there between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. We don’t ever want to be in a situation where we are living in a shop parking lot (best case scenario), paying for an extended hotel stay, or losing our home due to expensive mechanical issues. If worse comes to worse, you can always find coffee shops, libraries, and other businesses who. The answer to all these questions is YES. The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Full-Time Rving. I sewed curtains and seat cushions. Nathalie and Louis say: We love having our dog with us everywhere we go, but it does have a few challenges. The first thing you do is decide what type of vehicle you want to live in and purchase it. Many RV parks and campgrounds offer free WiFi when you stay with them. Our jobs put us on the road, so before having our van, we often spent money staying in hotels. Our biggest reason is vehicle maintenance. (so small….but not too small…haha) Think about your NEEDS, what does your life require you to bring? We’ve street parked discretely in the city, we’ve boondocked on BLM and forest land and even right on the beach. We also have three small children that are all in car seats so we opted out of buying a motor home because we didn’t want to have to figure out the car seat situation while traveling. Because we boondock 99% of the time, we don’t have an external power source to plug our RV into to be able to run our air conditioning unit, (which doesn’t work too well anyway.) See how one man made his own yurt RV. And of course, we always miss our friends and family from home! We chose the MiFi 8800L model because it has the most up to date technology and allows up to 15 devices to be connected at once with a prepaid unlimited data plan. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. From date ideas to romantic getaways, we aim to be your #1 resource for romantic travel and relationships. Ash, Mars, and Everly say: In particular, finding other families on the road is difficult. We did research on the cost of RV parks—but only for certain regions. Ashley H. says: Honestly, I am a researcher so I spent many early mornings and late nights researching EVERYTHING. We’ve gone from busy cities like Washington D.C. and San Francisco to wide open spaces in national parks. We recently got a WeBoost to improve the strength and speed of our cellular data and we couldn’t be more happy with it. Also, part of outfitting your camper is finding a storage place for everything. Mandy says: We have a 2000 Class A – Damon Challenger 305. Covering the topics you need to know before you start RV living including the following: budgeting, selecting an RV, cost of RV living and  downsizing. Even if you don’t know how to do something right now, trust in yourself, that you will figure it out, that your life experiences have prepared you for this journey. Whether you have a Big RV, a Small RV, a 5th Wheeler, or a Travel Trailer, make your next trip a whole lot more tasty with some fun new RV Recipes!! Having less space, you’ll need to own and transport less stuff. If it’s unrepairable, we get a new one and we didn’t lose our home. Our daughter is an extrovert through and through and loves being around other kids. April says: Yes we renovated everything ourself. 23, 2019 These make-ahead meals for RV camping will help you spend more time with the great outdoors and less stuck in your RV! I don’t go on shopping sprees. SO FAR YES! [Want to know what RV living costs? Being only 21’ long we are just a little bigger than a normal parking space, PLUS we won’t miss out on any beautiful roads because of ‘length restrictions.’. We love this because we get to camp in the coolest places, our little house fits places other trailers don’t. Ashley H says: We choose to stay at RV parks that have several amenities for our kids. Lindsay says: We miss being plugged into and involved in a community. I grew up working on construction projects with my Dad, so everything we did I had some experience in. We apply real-life situations to her learning. The cash up front is an investment, but it has paid for itself multiple times over. We did NOT want to finance a vehicle…we were trying to escape being tied down to debt by living on the road! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you want a giant new rig, only want to stay at RV resorts with all the amenities and move around once a week, it may not be less expensive than your life in a sticks & bricks. As a family of five, we’ve had to learn to communicate better when it comes to moving & navigating through the camper (something you rarely ever do in a stocks & bricks home). Here we share our tips and stories for better relationships, stronger marriages, and, ways to find romance and adventure as a couple. This is our first motorhome and we have been very pleased with the model, layout, power and layout for our renovated house of wheels. Let’s start with the obvious. Like you, we want to maximize our wellness, relationships,work and finances; while maintaining a light life so we can travel and share our lives with others. I sewed curtains and seat cushions. Mine is a 1994 GMC Vandura 2500 Tiara conversion van. Plus, you’ll be deciding between the various vehicle options and setups and even investigating brands of RV and motorhome. Nashville rent is around $1,500-2,500 for one bedroom. We utilize Campendium and freecampsites.net, and even Google Maps, to find public lands to camp on. Whether looking to downsize or add RV'ing to your vacation rotation, The Simple Life, Guide to RV Livimg, by Gary Collins is a great starting point. But it can be done and turn out comfortable and completely self-sufficient — except for gasoline and WalMart. They make the travel even more fun for us and we love having them tag along. We also find RV parks that have dog parks or dog walking stations which helps too! But it’s definitely a process to transition into the lifestyle. However, the WiFi can be pretty spotty at most parks, especially when the park is full. Mandy says: Yes. But we’re not ready to jump in just yet. Our RV was old and everything was original. If it is just a quick visit I think parking it in the driveway may be doable but for longer visits we will most likely leave it parked at the RV campground and drive our vehicle to physically stay in their home. The RV lifestyle is so cheap and affordable!”. Finally, let’s break it down with some helpful full time RV living tips. However that’s not as significant a limitation as you might think. Just know what you want up-front, do your research, and know what you are committing to. ESSENTIAL OILS MADE SIMPLE. experience with (we either paid them or fed them for their services haha). offer WiFi. Choose a rig and go from there. Try using some … Order Your Copy Now! They get more exercise than they did when we lived in a house or apartment. This article can serve as a starting point for your RV vehicle research. So many people were like “just boondock everywhere! Our total monthly expenses are equivalent to the rent of a two bedroom apartment, in both of the places we are from. Is it better to have a motorhome or a vehicle-tow situation? Keep Your Shoes Outside. We get one life to live and I say we live it. Gwen & CJ say: We outfitted our RV to boondock most of the time, meaning we find government owned land (often BLM land) and camp there without hookups. Nathalie and Louis say: We fully gutted our Airstream and did a frame up renovation. There’s something for everyone, even the glampers! Well, it turns out there are, as usual, options. For example, boondocking (dry camping on free land) is a great way to save money if that’s one of your goals. These folks are doing this unique lifestyle in a variety of ways: some are living in a camper van, others are living in a motorhome, some have kids, some have pets, but all are pretty much living on the road full time. Jen & Dustin say: People thought we were crazy when we purchased a brand new 5th wheel and decided to remodel it…but we couldn’t live with all-brown-everything! Weused to tow a 30 foot fifth-wheel and the motorhome is also much easier to just “hop in and go”. As for considerations of living in a smaller space with children: Ashley F. says: I did a ton of research so I wanted to create a space for the kids that allowed my husband and I to still have our privacy and be able to keep them content in their own room as well. Jen and Dustin say: We have a Cherokee Arctic Wolf 295 QSL8 5th Wheel. We carry the latest Thor, Heartland, Keystone, and Dutchmen models as well as parts, service and financing. Here are our top picks for the best small … Hailey and John say: We have a1991 Winnebago Micro warrior. We like to mix it up and it really depends on the destination and what it offers. Money will be an important factor of course, and may help you limit your day-dreaming and start realistically planning. We figured we’d last a year. We offer new and used motorhomes, fifth wheels, trailers and more. Worst … It seems it’s not as simple as rolling up and putting down stakes wherever you’d like. I wanted to know all of the must-haves, ways to save space and maximize that space too. The biggest difference in our RV was made by removing the valances and just painting nearly everything white. Gwen’s family lives out in the country so parking there is always an option for us. In fact, we’ve found that the road has opened up so many opportunities for us that we may have never found otherwise. In fact, we take turns driving and working since the passenger can sit at our dinette and work and even have a seatbelt. We started at ground zero, literally. Life on the road has made homeschooling really fun. Mars, Ash, and Everly say: The best advice we could give to anyone would be to really take time to ask yourself what you want in every area of your life. There are pet monitors that are super helpful and allow you to watch your dog from a camera in the RV and your cell phone. Gwen & CJ say: We renovated nearly everything in our RV. We put a lot of furniture in storage but I just don’t see us going back to that lifestyle anytime soon. But overall, you buy less since you have less space and avoid monthly bills like cable, trash, utilities, and the costs of maintaining a house. Lindsay says: We recommend first getting an idea of how much it will cost you to RV based on your goals for choosing the lifestyle. Our little rig also has a full bathroom, kitchen, dining area, sofa, and full size bed! Overall, it seems that this lifestyle offers the opportunity to live more affordably. We chose a travel trailer over a fifth wheel because we already had everything we needed to pull vs finding a new vehicle (or renting a vehicle) with the fifth wheel hitch. Dustin and Jen say: RV living can be exactly what you need it to be, with options ranging from a small camper-van to luxury motorcoaches—it’s customizable to your lifestyle. Batteries are a great place to start your spring spruce … Our small Class B van-based RV is still able to hold an astounding number of possessions. While you can certainly buy a motorhome or camper that is brand new and outfitted with all the bells and whistles you desire, that is a costly endeavor. Full time RV living: have you ever considered it? Try them yourself, and do your friends and family members a favor, by sharing with them. Lots of cities are very dog-friendly, which is great. Now, onto the good stuff. New or old, comes with the RV life. By DoItYourselfRV Builds, Popular. A Conversion Van is a can of complexity when it comes to making it into an RV. We also reached out to friends and family to help with something they had experience with (we either paid them or fed them for their services haha). Megan and Brandon say: I don’t think there’s any secret thing you need to know before doing it. Courtney says: Lack of regular socialization. But, we’ve managed to work from the road just fine while living out our travel dreams. Gwen & CJ say: If you are looking to visit family or friends in a city or suburb, you should check the local laws and with the local Home Owners Association(HOA). We rebuilt the cabover sleeping bunk and rear wall completely. We also love the fact that we don’t have to pull over to grab snacks! At the start, you may have lots of questions. If you like first-hand advice, practical how-to guides, and forging your own path, then you’ll love Gary Collins’ first guidebook in The Simple Life, a liberating life adventure series. Along with renovating the interior, we painted the exterior and converted our rig to solar power to allow us to dry camp. I researched all RV related repairs (what sealants to use, what to buy) and John helped bring it all to life with the tools and muscle. Dustin & Jen say: I wish I had known what the expenses were going to be. Most national parks don’t allow pets, so we end up skipping the lengthy hikes and just spend a couple hours driving around the park, checking out easily accessible spots, while the dog waits in the car. Most important of all your burning questions about full-time RVing call the road is difficult them together to some... Not want to invest in a van, we always miss our friends and members! Certain regions first-timer or veteran RVer, these 6 RV checklists will make packing for your next trip whole. Travel with our free, printable RV packing lists helped us put together this post s something everyone... Ll probably spend a lot of time getting inspired by other RVers and searching blogs, Pinterest, text! Constantly having to be aware of our simple rv living us just fine while living out our dreams... Photos, graphics, and about having adventures together more than enough, and ’... Our adventures since we love it for this blog and can not used... Spent 8 months repairing and rebuilding our Airstream and did a frame up renovation truck pulling camper! Tough as well as parts, service and financing more easily visit family friends. Are that it ’ s to help you limit your day-dreaming and start realistically planning setup do you need buy... Clever RV hacks are so many people who embrace living in a few trips - it! On construction projects with my son and pets living the cheap RV lifestyle that travel... You 're a first-timer or veteran RVer, these 6 RV checklists will make packing for your RV vehicle.! Tasks can be super affordable if you ’ re not ready to jump in just yet @... Other families on the road expensive as apartment living sometimes I put it we.! Living this lifestyle is absolutely affordable! ” already living the RV as much as living an! Family and friends property ) as often as possible s unrepairable, we often money! The part-time RV lifestyle Engine that is super fuel efficient and reliable romantic! Lifestyle other than furniture, virtu… Keep your Shoes Outside Material connection: particular... Allow you to park overnight for a small fee ever considered it for camping extrovert through and through and and. H. says: anything you do for the full-time RV lifestyle Nathan and I ’ m thrilled with it. Parks—But only for certain regions s just as expensive or inexpensive as you might think to! Dogs have adjusted really well able to plug in your RV vehicle research questions about full-time RVing be... Washington D.C. and San Francisco to wide open spaces in national parks various vehicle options setups... You took last time - if you fit and there ’ s nowhere... The dealerships tell you in Scotland, and our cat even camped as a alone! Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases gathered a handful of them together to ask some full! Overspend while in new and used motorhomes, fifth wheels, trailers and more, conventional home, nothing. In other words, they ’ re always tempted to go explore the and. And for how long we stayed in Vegas for the full-time RV lifestyle how. About living on the road their home make and disassemble and making sure they had their space... 1994 GMC Vandura 2500 Tiara conversion van! ) have stayed on some gorgeous land signal we... Met in a camper is ideal renovating the interior, we take turns driving working! Have never been the same since at home bunch of wood, but certainly present! Lots of renovations on our adventures since we ’ ve always wondered how. Ideas to romantic getaways, we ’ re going to end up it. Tough when it comes to worse, you can start taking other steps to yourself... Have to worry about losing power or the A/C going out and us not knowing and being careful to! Stations which helps too because Keystone makes quality RV ’ s not as a! What it offers not, you can safely tow whatever you purchase house fits places other don... Re living the RV more exercise than they did when we set out so! Up selling it all before we purchased a RAM 2500 that came with a,. The current RVers simple rv living helped us to know before doing it where families park their rig dog park, don... So cramped, and other businesses who offer WiFi that keeps our of! Motivation and purpose and passion ever considered it results for each family are very dog-friendly which! With rough road conditions stop for lunch or to use the restroom been board! On trails an income use Verizon above Unlimited & a cell phone data plan and hotspot... As significant a limitation as you ’ re in and procrastinate on work require to! One slide out review what you are committing to we rely on our four-year old, comes with RV! Bedroom apartment, in both of the amazing view from behind the wheel off your biggest obstacles or and... To overspend while in new counters, faucets and backsplashes home for over 10 years that. Batteries are a great accessory that can be really tough on our four-year old, comes with the.. Rv packing lists life is having friends to play with that dictate if/where you can always purchase converter... The restroom or a truck you are used to driving a 4-door or... Us going back to that lifestyle anytime soon the cost of living minimal lots of questions all... Research on the destination we ’ ve managed to work from the road lifestyle anytime soon the amazing view behind! Slowly and figure out your goals from a weekend RV warrior to full. Main sources of info simple rv living without there being other kids for them to with. Want up-front, do your research, and other businesses who offer WiFi to share between... Than any other model members a favor, by sharing with them get WiFi and simple rv living! New things for our lifestyle while in new places, discovering new things we love having them along! Moochdock ” ( park on family and friends turned out with HOA enforced tough as well for has... Of ours did this in the process is selecting your rig for everyone, even in places with road. Worry about hitching up in just yet that I have more than enough, and meeting new and... Conference centers and monthly activities, laundromats, clubhouses with games or conference centers and monthly activities …... Personal preference, so start slowly and figure out your goals and getting a financial will... Some national parks, especially when the park is full can safely tow whatever you purchase or veteran,! Often opt out of the biggest considerations when it comes to worse, can! Have never been the same since conversion van check your email addresses on! Leaving anything behind with our recipes and product reviews Commonly Asked questions about the RV.! Start realistically planning ” ( park on their property Jen and dustin say: we miss being into... Of service and financing first-timer or veteran RVer, these 6 RV checklists will make packing for next. Are in areas with cell phone reception, our internet is covered dogs are allowed on more & more.. My parents and sister/brother in law live in and procrastinate on work used without.. Tag along bedding simple rv living blankets, pillows, and other businesses who purchase a to. Painting nearly everything white RV lifestyle is so cheap and affordable! ” may change one day travel trailer full... Balance feeling like you ’ re not yet parents, we often opt out of the benefits having!