Free shipping for many products! If for any reason, you have a problem, please feel free to call us. Got a single Roll. Last one . After purchasing Silver coins, view the Precious Metals holdings area of the APMEX website by locating the link under the “account” heading. [0.0723 oz] X [current silver spot price] = Silver Dime worth in silver melt value. User Agreement. Each Mercury Silver Dime contains 0.0715 ounces of actual silver which translates to 0.715 ounces for each dollar of face value (10 dimes). Roll of 90% silver Roosevelt dimes 5.00 Face Value 50 dimes per lot TimeTalentNTreasures. 1,655 sold. At SD Bullion, we believe in doing business the old-fashioned way. Dime Dollars—each to be of one fourth the value of the dollar or unit, and to contain ninety-two grains and thirteen sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or one hundred and four grains of standard silver. Will be ordering again. Bought two rolls, opened one. Another great job by APMEX. That is the only thing that makes these coins valuable. All coins will be packaged in a plastic tube. (50 Dimes = One Roll = $5.00 Face) The list of dimes issued by the US Mint Bust Dimes, Seated Liberty Dime, Barber Dime, Mercury Dime, Roosevelt Dime. Top 7 Most Popular Gold & Silver Videos of 2020, Stimulus for Silver & Gold Prices in 2021, No Deal? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Roosevelt Dimes, 90% silver, roll of 50, coins are mainly EX, a few BU at the best online prices at eBay! Trump Demands $2000 Stimulus Checks, Not $600. The most common roll silver dimes material is metal. From 1920 to 1967, Canadian Dimes were composed of 80% silver. Two coins XF45. Introduced in 1946! Seller: coinexchange267 (41,880) 99.9%, Location: Hartsdale, New York, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 293632585420 Roll Of 50 $5 Face Value 90% Silver Mercury Dimes Uncirculated Condition. Calculate by quantity, rolls of dimes, face value, or total weight. It's good constitutional coinage. At over $27.04 per ounce, all silver dimes are worth at least $1.81 each as of 12/21/2020. We will always do our best to accommodate you. M-1754. 90% Silver Barber Dimes Roll G+ (50 pcs.) However, the total melt value is continued below. World class products, the best bullion prices, with industry-top customer service. None could be considered "slicks," and only one could be considered a cull. When buying Silver Roosevelt Dimes, make sure to sign up for an APMEX free online account to track your Precious Metals investments. At the time of writing this silver dime value update and silver melt value bog, the melt value of pre-1964 silver dimes is currently worth over 138 times the value of modern copper-nickel alloyed dimes struck from 1965 to the present day. Your purchase will match the quality of the product shown. 90% Silver Roosevelt Dime Product Highlights: Contains approximately 3.575 oz … However, when you realize that only a very small number of people have actually found Mercury dimes in circulation since the 1970s, the novelty of snatching one of these beauties from pocket change or a dime roll is really quite spectacular. For example, the day of publishing this article, the silver spot price was $19.35 X 0.0723 troy ounce silver dime content = $1.39 silver dime melt value. There are 78 roll silver dimes for sale on Etsy, and they cost $40.28 on average. Using a step by step method all important details of these old dimes are identified. Because of silver content all dimes 1946 to 1964 are worth well above face value. That's why these $5 rolls of average circulated 90% silver dimes are so popular. Never opened the rolls to check dates as I don't really care. Much of our circulating coinage in the USA once had 90% silver content (and still does). These unsearched, circulated 90% silver Mercury Dimes are being sold by the $5 face value coin roll (50 dimes). Bought two rolls to start out with and just bought two more !! Contains approximately 3.575 oz actual Silver weight. Silver prices change 24 hours a day, seven days a week because Silver is traded constantly around the globe in the commodity markets of Zurich, New York, London, Hong Kong, Chicago and New York. ; All rolls of coins are dated 1964 and prior. Add your Silver bullion to your holdings, and the tool will generate an Assets Allocation Chart to give you an idea of the worth of your investment. Do take into account the number of coins in a particular coin roll. 2. Each roll contains 50 Mercury dimes for a face value of $5 Approximately 3.575 oz of 90% Silver Coins are of various dates from 1916-1945 Mercury dimes, like most other silver coins minted in the United States in the early part of the 20th century derive most of their value from their 90% silver content. Older silver dimes are thus worth over 13,800% more than their present-day cupro-nickel versions ($1.39 a silver dime melt value vs just over 1¢ in current dime melt value). Mint. Great company to work with!! It's based off of a 90% silver per coin esitmation, and the current spot price of silver 25.77 As a quick rule of thumb, if a coin was produced before 1965 it is 90% silver. $111.31. The roll the dimes came in had been torn somehow when I received them, but I found my own way to store them. I received 52 coins in the roll instead of 50. Today, with $16.50 silver, the factor is 11.8, so a roll of pre-1965 Washington quarters with $10 face value is worth [silver value in dollars] = 11.8 * 10 = $118 IMPORTANT: The coins in our list above are truly 'junk silver' for the most part. Silver & Gold Price Poised for Q1 2021 Liftoff! [0.0723 oz] X [current silver spot price] = Silver Dime worth in silver melt value. Coins are packaged in a tightly sealed roll. Which leads to the first question we need to know, "How much Silver is in a Dime?". In fact, well-worn examples of Mercury dimes struck from the mid 1930s through mid 1940s are worth around $2 to $4. The most popular color? Was this review helpful? Enter the face value of bag of coins, a roll of coins, or even an individual coin into the silver coin calculator to get the total melt value. Circ Lot. However, the total melt value is continued below. These Silver coins for sale were first authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792 as the disme, the first Silver coin to represent one tenth the Silver weight and value of a dollar. Good mix of dates from 1946 to 1964. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is portrayed on the obverse, first dimes released on January 30, 1946. The prices shown under CC/PayPal are the full list price. How Much Is A Silver Dime Worth? A dime ($.10) is one-tenth of the mass (with the same purity) as one dollar. The prices shown under Check/Wire include a 4.0% cash discount. Roosevelt Dimes $10 Face Value 90% Silver 2 Rolls 100 Coin Bulk Lot Collection. Each coin contains.0715 Troy oz of actual silver content with 3.575 oz per $5 roll. However, a beginning collector may want to start a collection of silver Roosevelt dimes by digging through a coin dealer’s “junk bin” to … Free shipping. Saxo Bank Forecast Silver Price Going to $50 in 2021, Gold & Silver Price Forecast 2021- Beyond Now Gone Exponential, Wild Volatility As Silver Looks For Bottom, Final Days of Gold Bullion Priced Below $2000 oz, Record Debt Levels Exploding Into Currency Debasement Fear, Gold Silver Price Consolidating Before Their Next Major Run Higher. Buying Silver at a lower price point allows investors to maximize their purchase of rolls of 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes. Obverse features Franklin D. Roosevelt’s image. The US Mint currently uses low-value pot metal alloys to strike all US dimes today. There is no additional premium added to pricing of these coins based on conditio… Over all I am very pleased with my purchase. Each $1 face value contains approximately .715 ozt of pure silver, but this varies based on the amount of wear on each coin. This listing is for ONE roll of 50 pieces. Although today's circulating dimes have a ‘silvery’ polish, they don’t contain any pure silver at all. Each roll contains 50 Brilliant Uncirculated Canadian Dimes, totaling 3 Troy Ounces of .800 Silver. The two sides I can see from the ends of the rolls look fine. The Silver spot price, which is the baseline price for unfabricated Silver, is dependent on supply and demand around the globe, and it is this price that you see changing. I have tried other bullion dealers and I will now only buy from Apmex. Each roll contains only Roosevelt Dimes, Mercury Dimes, or a mix of both by the U.S. Any quantity only $1.99 per oz over spot. The 90% Silver Barber Dimes Roll contains 50 dimes that are in good or better condition. The Mercury Dime was designed by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman and was minted from 1916 - 1945. About 28 were 60 dates and the rest 40,50. APMEX is able to offer these $5 rolls of Roosevelt dimes at a low premium over the spot price of Silver, making them an efficient way to invest in Silver! ... Roosevelt Mercury Barber 90% Silver Dimes 100 Coins $10 Face Value Avg. In 1964, the mint made the last dimes containing 90% silver. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes were minted from 1946 to 1964. Market Loss Policy | Obverse: Depicts the profile of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Buy Silver Dimes Online Silver Dimes are part of the popular 90% Junk Silver Category. Yes/ Bears a face value of $.10 (USD) backed by the federal government. Whether you're new to Precious Metals, or just new to APMEX, we're glad you are here. For example, the day of publishing this article, the silver spot price was $19.35 X 0.0723 troy ounce silver dime content = $1.39 silver dime melt value. Free shipping. shipping: + C $7.38 shipping. Even coins in perfect condition just trade for their silver value. Buy & Sell. These Silver coins, also known as junk Silver even though they are worth much more than their face value, carry the bulk of their value in their Silver content, and have very little, if any, numismatic or collector value. All silver coins struck in 1964 or earlier were minted with 90% silver and 10% copper. Big shout out to John Kile! 675 sold. C $314.63. Seller 99.9% positive . From shop TimeTalentNTreasures. The design on the front features Liberty wearing a winged Phrygian cap, which makes her appear similar to the Roman god Mercury. I'll still buy some more in the future. Design series, varieties within the … Roosevelt dimes replaced the Mercury dime in 1946. I have bought many things from apmex so I have enough trust I don't need to check the dates on every coin. Details A Roll of 50 mixed date 90% silver mercury dimes in uncirculated condition. Silver coins known as dimes were not issued until 1796, and since that time six different dimes have been produced, with Roosevelt Silver dimes being the most recent type. Serving Collectors and Investors for Over 50 Years MENU Store Pages Home About Us Payment Shipping Returns FAQ Contact Us Store Categories Home • About Us • … Formula Below, $5 Face - 90% US Silver Dimes (Random Design), $100 Face Bag - 90% US Silver Roosevelt Dimes, $100 Face Value - 90% Silver Mercury Dimes, $100 Face Bag - 90% US Silver Dimes (Random Design), 2021: Silver Hits The Ground Running (And Might Start Sprinting). What Is a Wheat Penny and How Much Are They Worth? Arrived in condition and way faster than promised. Thank You to our now 100,000+ customers who have made the switch to SD Bullion. 90% Silver Mercury Dimes - Roll of 50 - $5 Face Value. The Silver price per ounce at APMEX is generally based on the numbers from the New York Commodities Exchange, also known as COMEX. All coins would grade at least a fine. For example, a value of 1.5 will equal 1½ rolls of silver coins. Please give us a chance to make an offer on your dimes. A value of 1.5 in a dime roll text box would equal 75 total dimes, since there are 50 … The size of Silver Roosevelt Dimes makes them appealing to investors because the Silver dimes can be traded in smaller amounts than larger Silver bullion such as 1 oz American Silver Eagles. Full roll of silver dimes and lots of other awesome coins! Silver Stimulus & Beyond: INFRASTRUCTURE! To calculate how much a silver dime melt value is, use the following equation and data inputs. Each silver dime contains.0715 troy ounces of pure silver bullion, so in total the $5 Face Value will contain 3.575 troy ounces, and the $100 Face Value will contain 71.5 troy ounces of silver. The coins are 90% silver and 10% copper, but buyers only pay for the silver content. There are five different US dimes which contain 0.0723 troy ounces (2.5 grams) of 90% silver content. Coins for sale for Mercury type Dimes items. Dime values for coins dated 1964 or earlier have the current silver price as their base value. Officially known as the 10 Cent Piece, the Canadian Dime is roughly the same size as its American counterpart. Each $5 Roll of 50 coins comes in a hard plastic tube for ease of storage. Please call our Purchasing team at (800) 514-6318 to speak to one of our representatives or learn more about How to Sell Silver to APMEX. Coin Value Price Chart for Mercury Dimes 10C. How much Mercury Dimes are worth. The 89th US Congress enacted the Coinage Act of 1965 in response to the growing value of pure silver and the resulting rise in minting costs. Consists of a total of 50 US dimes. 2. The 40s about a good. To calculate how much a silver dime melt value is, use the following equation and data inputs. Product Details. We provide all of our customers with a refund, return and / or exchange on everything we sell including all bullion and certified coins. Privacy Policy | Wanted to add smaller fractional silver to the stack. Silver Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964) – Any Roosevelt dime minted before 1965 is going to have a 90% silver content. Each $1 face value contains approximately.715 ozt of pure silver, but this varies based on the amount of wear on each coin. Each dollar of face value contains .715 ounces of actual silver content, so a full junk silver bag ($1,000.00 face value) contains 715 ounces of silver. ... $500.00+ FACE VALUE 90% Silver Search - Seated, Barber, SLQs & More - Duration: 14:27. All pre-1965 silver dimes are silver coins containing 0.0723 troy ounces (2.5 grams) of physical silver weight and value. He specifically enjoys creating written and video content around unique products that our customers might not see otherwise. In the beginning of the series all dimes continued with an alloy of 90% silver to 10% copper. To calculate a partial roll of silver coins, enter a decimal value in the appropriate text box. 1 1966 and 2 Mercury as well. In addition you never know what might happen and no one can predict the future value of any coin, but a silver Roosevelt Dime, once small change, could be big change at some future date. The prices shown under BTC/BCH (Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash) include a 3.0% cash discount. No. Roosevelt Dimes (1946-Date) (Coins, Rolls & Bags). Calculate 10% copper value : It’s a simple, divisible system of accountability, fraction based. When buying the Silver coins for sale, the lack of collector value keeps the Silver price down, making it closer to the Silver spot price. Watch. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Please note: the copper content of these coins is excluded from any calculation of pricing, only the silver content is valued! Free shipping. The U.S. Silver Dime Melt Value Calculator, which is located below, will show you the total silver value and total silver content of your U.S. Barber, Mercury, or Roosevelt 90% junk silver dimes. 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dimes - $5 FV 90% Silver 50/Roll VG-BU Discount for Multiple All … All 10¢ dimes issued in 1964 and years prior have 2.5 grams or almost 1/10th an ounce of pure silver in each coin. Coin Highlights: Arrives in a plastic tube of 50 US dimes. That is to say, $1.00 is a specific weight and purity of the silver, and a half dollar ($.50) is half of that weight (with the same purity). Chris Keller has a passion for the precious metals industry (he's been collecting coins since he was a child). Here it is straight from the 1792 Coinage Act: Dollars or the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver, Half Dollars—each to be of half the value of the dollar or unit, and to contain one hundred and eighty-five grains and ten sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or two hundred and eights of a grain of standard silver. If you keep 90% silver in your stack in case SHTF ever happens, dimes are an invaluable component of that stack; you will want smaller fractional values for barter or trade. Product Highlights: Contains approximately 3.575 oz actual Silver weight. C $164.38. Although today's circulating dimes have a ‘silvery’ polish, they don’t … Calculate 90% silver value : (27.13 × .0321507466 × 2.5 × .90) = $1.9625619493 $1.9625 is the rounded silver value for the 1946-1964 silver dime on January 07, 2021. He is remembered on the 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes, available right now on At SD Bullion, Chris has consulted thousands of bullion investors leading to millions of dollars in sales. Check out our silver dimes collection here at SD Bullion where we have junk silver available for the Lowest Prices online! Calculate 10% copper value : Bought a bunch of these from apmex. Bears a face value of $.10 (USD) backed by the federal government. These values can range from less than $1.50 to over $1500 for a single coin. 2020 Portends: Silver Gold Bull Market Mania Coming? This is usually the value used by coin dealers when selling these coins at melt value. There is a massive difference between the value of the older 90% silver dimes vs. the current base metal dimes struck using an alloy of copper and nickel. The fact that they are “weights and measures” is essential. The calculation used to determine the silver weight in any quantity of these coins excludes the copper. As expected, the older ones were more worn, the newer ones less so; 2 or 3 of the '64s probably grade BU. The dimes were exactly what I expected, so no complaints here. Fast & Free Shipping† On Orders Over $99! Dates will be of our choosing and may or may not vary, determined by stock on hand. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. These unsearched, circulated 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes are being sold by the $5 face value coin roll (50 dimes). If premiums go down on eagles I may switch, but until then this is my go too. Under this Act, the USA eliminated silver from all circulating dimes (10¢) and quarter-dollar (25¢) coins. Consists 3.575 Troy ounces of fine silver content per roll. But these items are far from junk! Lookup Coin values for Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Brilliant Uncirculated & Proof conditions and MS grade. Very good mix of dates. Most circulated Roosevelt dimes are only worth their bullion value. Dismes—each to be of the value of one tenth of a dollar or unit, and to contain thirty seven grains and two sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or forty one grains and three fifth parts of a grain of standard silver. The original definition of one US dollar (as in $1.00) is a specific weight and purity of silver bullion. $194.95. In the Coinage Act of 1792, the US Congress defined monetary weights and measures in exact figures. The price of Silver Roosevelt Dimes changes not only every day, but also throughout the day. 1956-1964 ROOSEVELT SILVER DIMES - Roll of 50 - FREE SHIPPING! At 50 dimes to a $5 roll, with a current melt value of about $2.20 per dime, that makes a roll worth $110 (as of 10 January 2013). Calculate 90% silver value : (27.21 × .0321507466 × 2.5 × .90) = $1.9683490837 $1.9683 is the rounded silver value for the 1916-1945 Mercury silver dime on January 07, 2021. This roll of 50 Mercury Dimes is perfect for those who stack constitutional silver. Reverse: Features an olive branch, a torch, and an oak branch, from left to right. This is usually the value used by coin dealers when selling these coins at melt value. Mixed Date 90% Silver Mercury Dimes - $5 Face Value Roll - 50 Coins Average Circulated. A quarter dollar ($.25) is one quarter the weight (with the same purity) as one dollar. Stay Informed of Our Special Offers. Going to keep buying more over time! Obverse features the image of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Coins are packaged in a tightly sealed roll. Silver Roosevelt dimes containing 90% Silver were minted from 1946 until 1964, at which time the Coinage Act of 1965 went into effect, changing the composition of the Silver dime to a Copper-clad composition containing no Silver. 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes $50 Face-Value Bag - SKU#166816. Get our best bullion deals in your inbox, Get the latest deals and news!
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