The Norwegian Buhund temperament is often described as happy, playful, affectionate, gentle and smart. Breed: Norwegian Buhund Breed Group: Herding Temperament: Perceptive, Intelligent, Confident D.H.T. They are considered as very brave and fearless dogs who usually adapt any type of situation and are not wary of strangers. Typical of Nordic breeds, the Buhund is confident, energetic, and affectionate. They are intelligent and likely to think for themselves although the Buhund is perhaps the most amenable of the Spitz breeds. It is a herding dog breed (AKC). The Norwegian Buhund is a self-confident dog who is very affectionate with people. Outdoor Ranking: -7/10 For Temperate Climates Worldwide Popularity: Low Breed Origin: Norway General Information And Breed History Widespread in his native country, but also popular in Australia and England, the Norwegian Buhund is an excellent dog for all kinds of owners. The Norwegian Buhund is a highly cheerful and active breed. Life span of this herding dog breed is 13-15 years. He enjoys being with his family, but he’s independent enough to stay on his own during the day as long as he has toys for entertainment and a yard or other place to play. They enjoy human company and will get bored if left on their own for too long. Norwegian Sheepdog, Norsk Buhund. They are very loyal to its family member and carries an inborn desire to please. They do not tire easily and require extensive exercise on a daily basis. The Norwegian Buhund is just short of medium-sized. Males stand 17 to 18.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh 31 to 40 pounds; females stand 16 to 17.5 inches and weigh 26 to 35 pounds. They love children and they’re typically gentle. Other names are Norsk Buhund, and Norwegian Sheepdog. Full of character and highly intelligent, the Buhund is an excellent family pet. Norwegian Buhund Temperament And Personality Image Via Elelur. The herding dogs have worked alongside man for hundreds of years, so if you don't give them a job to do they'll find one for themselves. Origin of this dog breed is Norway. Because of their intelligence, they are good watchdogs as well. The Buhund is a real "people dog," that enjoys any activity with the family. They are very active dogs and need plenty of exercise, though they are happy to rest beside you in the evening. The Norwegian Buhund is vigilant, cheerful, active, untiring, intelligent and attentive. The Norwegian Buhund At A Glance. This breed needs physical and mental stimulation and require consistent, firm leadership as it can be headstrong if it senses its handlers are not as strong minded as itself. Norwegian Buhund Temperament and Personality. The Buhund has an even and cheery temperament and is eager to please. His fine aptitudes and great qualities make him highly appreciated and in … Information and Facts of Norwegian Buhund: Full name is Norwegian Buhund. Temperament. The Norwegian Buhund is a cheerful dog with plenty of energy. The Norwegian Buhund needs to expel its energy and becomes destructive and ill-mannered if ignored or made to stay still frequently. They are friendly dogs and they usually get along well with other animals. Norwegian Buhund. Temperament. Let's not forget hard working! It is very affectionate and naturally gentle. Norwegian Buhund Temperament. Character & Temperament. Very affectionate, it loves giving kisses and snuggling. It is a medium size dog breed.