It worked great, kept my netbook cool and everything, but just today it stopped working! The laptop is shutting down because the processor is overheating, because of the fan not working. Thank you in advance. With the large fan not working at … The processor (the motor) gets very hot when in use, and thus needs a fan to cool it down. Previous Next Sort by votes. Have to hit the Power button again to start the laptop. Thread starter Hannah Obar; Start date Dec 11, 2016; Tags Fan; Sidebar Sidebar. It has preset configurations for different machines: e.g. I can see that the CPU fan isn't working, as it is visible from beneath the laptop. Here’s how to fix a laptop fan constantly running all the time. i think the fan is never spinning (no sound). Using the laptop without a working fan is asking to burn out the processor. Hi I have the same problem wit the fan and it was replace b4 but the laptop was only used bout 5 times and its stopped again I got my friend to look at it he said it the fan again but he said it not the correct fan for it . Dec 11, 2016 #1 Inspiron i5555 So, I should start with last night. Could u send me a part number n diagram for a hp pavilion 15 ce0509sa thanks it's less than a year old too thanks It keeps the internals of your device cooler. Method 1. That makes it important to check the working … Try and move the fan, does it spin freely? So I have this laptop the Asus Tuf FX504 Gaming laptop and it's rather good. Working as Tech support specialist with a world famous computer manufacturer. The fan is the most important part of your Dell laptop. This is your processor. January 2020 edited September 2020 in ZenBook. Sometimes laptop … James K. Consultant. When the temperature of the laptop rises, the fan will start to rotate. Laptops. So I ran Speedfan in order to see if everything was okay with the fans. Laptop users will need to test on a different computer. Laptop fan not working: Laptop has now become the important accessory in the present day where lot of information and data can be stored.The best portable electronic machine which does all our work in very short time and let us experience a reliable life. E.g. How to Check if Your Lenovo Laptop Fan is Working The fan is an integral part of a Laptop. However, if the laptop does not run any software at all, and your laptop fan always on, that may be caused by the system set up. I have been looking for a program to check my fan speed because they don't seem to be working. Turn the motherboard over to see the fan . Ok, I've now tried NoteBook FanControl for you. This will hopefully dislodge any dust or debris from your computer and its cooling unit. You can use the PSU, case/chassis or GPU fan header. My warranity ran out last year and I was wondering if there is anything I could do to get my laptop fixed. If you determine the fan is not working properly, turn your computer off and blow one or two streams of compressed air into your fan. There was a stop of the fan for c. 5-10 seconds and they it is back on. A laptop relies on a fan much like a car's relies on the radiator to keep it cool. H. Hannah Obar Estimable. If not working correctly, replace the system fan. For a homeowner, a working extractor fan is just as important as a working washing machine; The extractor fan should be regularly cleaned so it doesn’t get blocked by mould; If your extractor fan is not working, it’s usually due to dust buildup, a … If the blades do not turn freely it definately needs replacing, and if it is not working at all it will also need replacing. That’s not the reality that most of us are working though. I'm not to good with the replacing of computer components. I reformatted back to windows 8.1 and the fan is still going non stop. I am posting the screenshot. If it spins, then the problem is with your fan. At this point you may see that the fan is full of dust, has something stuck in it (in my case there was a screw loose in the fan). Note that, depending on your laptop, any direct control of the fan may not be possible. If you can access the fan you can test if it turns freely or feels stiff. Question My laptop fans stops working for a second: Laptop Tech Support: 0: Oct 16, 2020: S: Question Laptop monitor died, external monitor not working. I suggested the one above as it seems aimed at laptops in particular- but I've not tried it. Laptop fan is not working - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi. I've tried with the NoteBook FanControl software, but my laptop model is not listed there. System: Windows 10 Battery or AC: AC Description: Fan speed noise and boots up in turbo mode when cold Model: UX581GV ryan.devlin. My Computer Fan is not working. There's nothing in the BIOS and I think my drivers are all up to date. Home › English Community › Service › Laptop Community › ZenBook. Remove old thermal compound from integrated circuits and heat sinks, and replace with new thermal compound. Which is heart of your laptop/PC. Acer has an extremely convenient and enjoyable website that makes it easy to find the necessary set of drivers for a particular laptop model. Whenever I put the fans on the turbo mode on the left fan works on max speed and air comes of out left vent but nothing happens on right fan and no air comes out of the right vent . FN key is not working on Acer laptop. It has a great cooling system but suddenly the right fan of the laptop has stopped working properly. It is a HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15. First check if the fan has a lot of dust in the laptop. Laptop overheating is a big issue and mostly it is due to laptop fan not working properly. Laptop Dell Latitude E6400 . I tried to see through BIOS but fans are not showing up on BIOS. If not working correctly, replace the system fan. Speedfan lists no fan on my Thinkpad. I bought the zenbook a few days ago and I think I have the latest BIOS (301) as of Oct 2020 and I have not changed any options there. I have an old laptop called acer aspire 5732z and its overheating. Hello, Upon the recommendations of some of the helpful folks here, I bought a laptop cooling pad about 3 months ago. But when I ran the software, I found that the software is not displaying the details of the fans. But Speedfan is unable to recognize any internal fans, and CPUID just says that the CPU fan is at 0RPM. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to quiet a noisy laptop fan. Laptop fan is an important component of the laptop cooling system. Laptop fan not working?? If it spins, then the problem could be the motherboard or power supply unit. It was about $20-25. We’ve covered 12 solutions, including unblocking the air vents, cleaning the fan, using a laptop cooling pad, replacing the fan, and even replacing the laptop with a newer, quieter model. Here is … I could not hear it running, so I tried Speedfan. Fan Mode (speed control) not working. Motherboards /logic boards are specifically designed to vent the hot air and keep the dice or chip cool. Upon trying restart the laptop, it shows 'Fan Error' in black screen and the laptop does not start. I have an Asus laptop with a Nvidia 840M, and after it shut down during Limbo I realized my fan wasn't working. Anyway, if I shut down the computer, how can I see if the fan is running? My laptop fan is not working while I am using the laptop as I shut down the laptop it eventually starts working what should I do please help me to solve this problem. It was working one minute, and the next it wasn't. May 18, 2014 3 0 4,510 0. How to Check if Your Dell Laptop Fan is working or Not? If not try squeezing the top and the bottom of the fan housing, does the fan … Ensure that the system fan blades spin correctly, and that the fan is not producing loud noises. It comes with some custom hotkeys such as the fn + f5 for fan control which typically tells me which mode I'm on (Silent , Balanced and Overboost) however recently whenever I use the hotkey my fan will change accordingly but I don't know what mode it is on and it doesn't display it. I put my laptop on sleep, forgot I did and fell asleep. You can also use a known working fan and plug it on your motherboard. The GPU fan is fine & able to run at maximum speed. To resolve the error, take the following steps: I am affraid if not vigilent (when fan is not working) and the laptop will get very hot and damage the hardware. Please help, as the fan noise is really disturbing my work!!! › Laptop Community › ZenBook. CPU Fan Speed Failure (909) The system has detected that a cooling fan may not be working properly. Please let me know the reason if you have any other problem. - posted in External Hardware: Not sure if this is the right section... but here I go. This can stop it from spinning. If this is not the case and there is nothing that is blocking the fan, then it … As this device is portable it has got every minute chips, fans and other important parts. Dust and debris can impede your fan's natural motion, and therefore cause it to work harder in order to do its job. Laptop Tech Support. I am facing this problem as my laptop fan is functioning speedy and the speed of laptop is not properly. I have an asus rog strix laptop and my fan button and the rog button dont work. Alternatives. Remove old thermal compound from integrated circuits and heat sinks, and replace with new thermal compound.'' Any help is appreciated. Ensure that the system fan blades spin correctly, and that the fan is not producing loud noises. I used to never or very very rarely ever hear the fan … There are two fan's inside my Computer, and the large one is not working, but the small fan is. I do not have the warranty, as I have repasted the laptop. Windows 10. It generated enormous amount of heat when it processes information in 1's and 0's. Page 1 of 2 - USB Fan not working? Laptop fan working non stop after windows 10 installation My laptop is barely a year old and after I installed to windows 10 the fan has been going non stop. Forums. It could simply be clogged and a burst of compressed air, from a can, will free up the fan and get it working again. Laptop fans not working My laptop, which is running Window 10 x64 has been experiencing heat issues from a few days. CPU Fan not Detected (900) CPU Fan is not detected or may have malfunctioned.