Those from the provinces of North and South Holland are often referred to as Hollanders. AFAR participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item featured on our site. This kingdom was the fusion of territories that used to belong to the Batavian Republic, Austrian Netherlands, and Prince-Bishopric of Liège. The Netherlands has officially decided it will only be called the Netherlands. Very nice explanation Chuka. level 1 Given that nearly 35% of the the Netherlands lives in the provinces that compose Holland, you can imagine that the likelihood that you meet someone from Holland abroad is pretty high. • Holland is actually a part of Netherlands which is wrongly thought to be the name of Holland Holland And The Netherlands Are Not The Same Thing. Previously an orange tulip next to the word “Holland,” the new logo features a stylized tulip within the letters “NL.”. There are 12 provinces in the Netherlands—and North and South Holland are just two of them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There's "North-Holland" (Capital city is Haarlem) and "South-Holland" (Capital city is The … The Netherlands is often called ‘Holland’. According to, , which translates to “people” or “nation.” Back then, this term was used to refer to people from both the Netherlands and Germany (which is why Germany is. The language is Dutch. But are the two places the same? Previously an orange tulip next to the word “Holland,” the, The new style is the result of a strategy developed to more clearly show what the Netherlands has to offer to the world, Now that we’ve settled the difference between Holland and the Netherlands, you’re probably wondering why the people of the Netherlands are referred to as Dutch. The confusion surrounding the difference between Holland and the Netherlands must have started as a result of Dutch sailors. They think Holland is the same as The Netherlands. This usage is commonly accepted in other countries and is also commonly employed by the Dutch themselves. Well, the difference is that The Netherlands (the kingdom as we know it nowadays) came into existence after Napoleon (1830). Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for omissions and errors. Now go put your newfound knowledge to use and book a flight to. Holland And The Netherlands Are Not The Same Thing. Officially, this country is called the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Some people call the Netherlands, Holland, but it is not the same. The Netherlands and the Low Countries The region called the Low Countries (comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and the Country of the Netherlands, have the same toponymy. Netherlands and Holland are understood to be the same country by many people. It became known as the Batavian Republic in 1806 when Napoleon appointed his brother, Louis as King, and in the process, turning the country into a kingdom.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'dutchreview_com-banner-1','ezslot_1',161,'0','0'])); After Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat, William VI of Orange was invited to assume power as “Sovereign Prince.” He landed in Scheveningen on 30 November 1813 and two years later on the 16th of March 1815, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands was proclaimed. Holland is only a small part of the Netherlands and like the Dakotas, Carolinas and Virginias, there are two. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t know the difference between Holland and the Netherlands […], […] as we know, the Dutch did fight a war with Spain called “The Eighty Years’ War.” (Difference Between Holland and The Netherlands). The two provinces of Noord- and Zuid-Holland together are Holland. A Dutch sailor could tell a fellow trader that he was from South Holland or North Holland when asked where he came from. Holland is simply two provinces in the Netherlands. The term stuck, even though the country took on the name Netherlands—which means “low-lying land”—when it became an independent nation in the 19th century. ), A tale as old as time: the Netherlands and India’s surprising relationship, The Dutch Flag – The red-white-blue tricolor of the Netherlands - DutchReview, When friends and family come; Guide to places to visit in the Netherlands, What's with all the Dutch provinces? - DutchReview, The History of Stamppot and How It Became the Dutch Traditional Food, Could this be the end of drug tourism in Amsterdam? The Netherlands is divided into twelve provinces. The country is called the Netherlands ("Nederland" in Dutch) and it has 12 provinces. On their travels, they only mentioned the name of the city-states they hailed from when asked about their origins. So what is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands? Holland vs Netherlands. The same =) Holland. Two of them are called Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland (North Holland and South Holland). Officially, the name of the country is ‘Kingdom of The Netherlands’. So how did the entire country get nicknamed after two regions? “Netherlands” means low-lying country; the name Holland (from Houtland, or “Wooded Land”) was originally given to one of the medieval cores of what later became the modern state and is still used for 2 of its 12 provinces (Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland). Today, the official name of the country is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In English, the Netherlands is also called Holland or (part of) the Low Countries, whereas the term " Dutch " is used as the demonym and adjectival form. The name Holland is also frequently used informally to refer to the whole of the country of the Netherlands. Understandably, this made a lot of people think that Holland was a country. They think the two are the same but unfortunately, they’d be wrong. So when the Dutch government recently axed “Holland” from its tourism campaigns and all official government communications, you may have been sent, as I was, into a geographic tailspin. In short: yes. Holland or The Netherlands? For a good understanding of the contents of Archimon, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the fact that Holland and the Netherlands are not two names for the same country, but rather that Holland is the former name for part of it. Blame bad branding. If you’re like me, you probably grew up thinking Holland and the Netherlands were both names for the European country famous for Gouda cheese, tulips, and wooden clogs. The Netherlands is also often called 'Holland', a name that refers to the area that is nowadays taken up by the two western coastal provinces, North and South Holland. in German). Most visitors to the Netherlands refer to Holland in the same way as they would The Netherlands. Of the 12 provinces that make up the Netherlands, Noord (North) Holland and Zuid (South) Holland are just two of them. Just to let you in on a little secret: this is wrong! These sailors were known to have sailed the open seas during the Golden Age in search of new land, trade routes and spices. The sun had not yet appeared, but the gray sky was parted near the horizon, and its edges shone crimson with the coming day.