The red wire goes to the positive while the black one goes to the ground or neutral. Did you make this project? As our pot is of 1 Mega Ohm, 4M ohm range is more than sufficient to measure 1 Mega ohm. if (document.getElementById("tester") != undefined) document.write(''); Engineering Toolbox © Copyright 2000 - 2021, by Engineers Edge, LLC All rights reserved became faulty and the value i set previously has change. If you want to know more about this electronic component, check this pin diagram, and an insight on working of potentiometerApparatus required: 1. They can be attuned from zero ohms to whatever maximum resistance that is specific to it. volume of a radio or amplifier, speed of a … Okay, so you can tune from 0% to 100% which means for a Vin of 5V for example, from 0 to 5V. Pot odds = [pot size]:[amount to call] where pot size includes any and all bets on the current street (pre-flop, flop, turn or river) as well as the amount in the middle. Linear potentiometer. We can illustrate this with an example. We can see the maximum resistance of this pot by connecting the probes at both the ends. Behind all these mechanism Potentiometer is there which is controlling the sound level or the brightness level of your gadget. Your pot raise is $33 and your total bet is $43. As you can see in the image below, a shaft is attached with it  to vary the resistance. We know that the MAX5482 is 50kΩ end to end. pots are only designed for small currents. How to calculate pot odds? Connect the multimeter probes according to their polarity. From there, you will want to convert your pot odds into a percentage so you know exactly how much equity your hand needs to profitably call the bet. It converts rotary or linear motion from the operator into a change of resistance, and this change is (or can be) used to control anything from the volume of a hi-fi system to the direction of a huge container ship. Pot odds example.