2021.Â. Discover Italy with a campervan (© Stefano Neri – Fotolia.com) No other holiday way promises as much freedom and flexibility as the one with a motorhome or caravan . Take fifteen days, three countries, two girls, one Nest campervan. In the north, close to the Alps, it can get cold and between October and April, we do not recommend camping, unless you have a perfectly working heating system. Parking is a big problem in Italian in the towns and cities, mainly because people do not want to walk and will happily double park using their hazard lights. If you have more questions, we'll gladly help you. Find the Best Rates on Campervan, RV and Motorhome Rentals worldwide. Food prices (those below are from 2012) in restaurants and cafes did seem to go down as we got further south and on Sicily, or maybe we got more savvy at picking out local eating places instead of tourist ones? Food plays a big role in Italian culture and if you want to discover more about it, this could be really an ideal way to enjoy it! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. At this stage, we recommend using mobile apps such as Park4Night, where you can find these areas and where a thriving community helps giving advice about which are the safest/nicest places and any user can add new locations and useful info on the map. As Italy has a great public transport system and dogs are allowed on it for free, we would often park at a free or cheaper sosta a little way out of a city and catch the bus or train in. It is very obvious from the photos that you had great time around. Whether you are heading off for a two week campervan trip to Italy or a motorhome tour of Sicily, the best motorhome route to Italy depends on how much you want to spend on tolls and fuel and how quickly you want to get there. Miles driven – 1211 Campervans.com Blog » Italy Campervan and Motorhome Rental » Camping in Italy with a Campervan or Motorhome. During the busiest months prices can be subject to change, in comparison to off-peak times. You can read more about the book and buy it from Amazon.co.uk. Campsites in Italy Spectacular campsites in Italy aren't hard to come by. Our blog has campervan travel tips, how-to's, videos, travel stories, trip itineraries and more. A “sacrifice” we will happily do!Â. Interactive map, suggested Itineraries, camperstop details and heaps more. Towns and populated areas are definitely your best choice. Explore from the Dolomites to the world famous lakes down to the beautiful beaches of southern Italy. If you search Google for lavanderia self service florence, for example, you’ll see a fair few options pop up. If time is not a problem, think about state or local roads. This website also lists agriturismos, businesses which allow campers to stay overnight, typically for a fee. Need help? As a matter of fact, even if you find a sign saying “No Camping allowed” you'll be most likely able to park and sleep in your campervan. Some websites to look at when searching for Camping villages: Summer is, as one can imagine, the nicest but also the busiest time of the year. We quickly worked out that in built up areas everyone is out to get in front of you no matter what, so we would often let people pass us rather than have them perform some wild undertaking manoeuvre on a roundabout. Hold on then, because we want to reveal you a secret. Having an extension pipe was helpful to us, or we’d use a bucket or (once emptied and rinsed), the loo cassette to empty the grey waste sometimes. With France, Switzerland and Austria all on its border, a campervan hire is a perfect holiday destination. It shows toll costs of around €280, although that seems to include a Swiss vignette for only a short section of motorway around Geneva, which could be detoured around. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In effect this means we have a WiFi network in the van almost everywhere, which up to 10 devices can share. https://www.nestcampers.com/sites/default/files/downloads/NestCampers_Co... https://www.nestcampers.com/sites/default/files/downloads/NestCampers_Ro... DEPOT: Rožna ulica 44, Å enčur The Camperstop Book is also a great reference guide. We’ve heard other reports of noise and smell of diesel engines while camping on board, but we didn’t have this experience. We show all our motorhome trips in our lovely autosleeper VW campervan (whom we have nick named Wendy after a wendy house for obvious reasons). To begin with, a distinction between these two terms needs to be done. We suggest planning a loose route, so you know where you're headed but leave time to explore places you find along the way. One big upside of out-of-season travel was the relative quietness in the cities and at tourist attractions. Although Slovenia's total surface area is only around 20,000 km2, it has almost 10,000 km2 of forest. If it’s a small van, no higher than 2m, then you should be fine with a normal car sat-nav or Google maps. Road-Trip Italie du Nord; Road-trip en Croatie; Road-trip en Europe de l’Est; Votre road-trip organisé ; Vans d’occasion; Aménagements; COVID-19; Mon compte; CALIFORNIA BEACH. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Scooters weave in among the stationary cars and when you do get stuck or make an error, people will stop honking, after all they all make mistakes too. In cafes you pay more to sit down and drink, if you want it cheaper stand up at at the bar with the locals. Perhaps the cultural capital of the world, Italy is a thriving, cosmopolitan mix of style, fashion, gorgeous food and centuries of history. Having said all this though, it should be noted we were doing this drive, as described above, on the busiest travelling day of the summer. The Via Michelin Website shows the fastest route from Nottingham to Turin to be Route 1 below, through France and under the Alps via the Mont Blanc Tunnel. We are here to help. We love motorhoming or campervanning in Italy– it's one of our favourite countries. How to transfer your vehicle to Greece by ferry? Nest Campers helps you, adventure-seeking traveler, to discover this beautiful part of the world with our fleet of campervans!Â. A lot of the ones I have found are big motorhomes when all we want is a van that we can sleep in, doesn't need to have any cooking facilities. We have just bought our first motorhome and we hope to tour Europe from February/19. Costs below are from 2012. For more tips, see the www.italybeyondtheobvious.com website. Travel Europe in a campervan- Vanlife in Europe is easier than it seems! No-one batted an eyelid. Le centre d'appel téléphonique avec un numéro unique, répond en plusieurs langues à toutes vos demandes d'informations ou d'assistance. You need to choose the right set of pumps when entering the garage –. Join thousands of fellow campervan travellers. Motorhome campsites and campervan sites in Italy View results on a map. Our very first motorhome trip to Europe was us taking our camper to the Italian Lakes – it was on this trip we decided to change our future and get more travel in our lives. We are looking at hiring a camper van in Italy in November, pick up in Bari and drop off in Milan 10 days later. Ourtour.co.uk is a participant in the Amazon Associate scheme. It’s not also clear whether it takes into account the higher motorhome cost of the Mont Blanc Tunnel (you can get the latest tunnel costs here – you can pay in cash at the tunnel entrance). Recommended campsites in Italy; Recommended campsites in France ; Campervan equipment; Camping Lucherino. As low as $5/day! © 2020 Nest Campers d.o.o. Sardinia and Sicily. The best way to spend your summer is organising campervan hire in Europe and exploring this stunning continent behind the wheel. And what better way to immerse yourself in a country’s culture than taking a road trip to the heart of them? They seemed reckless and impatient, turning two lane roads into three lane roads and forcing others out of the way. These kinds of areas are classified, like hotels, with stars from one to five. Motorhome Hire in Europe is one of the best ways to experience the variety that Europe has to offer. Truly inspiring blog post and inspiring photos for the travellers. There is A LOT of information here so don’t forget to … From a converted ambulance and an old school bus, to a seriously luxurious campervan and a classic RV, these unique tiny homes ar Dogs were accepted on public-transport: we took Charlie on a train to visit the Cinque Terre and a bus along the Amalfi Coast (we bought a ticket for him for the train, although the conductor laughed when we presented it, as he didn’t see the need for one for such a small dog!). 90 places to visit and things to do in Slovenia and Croatia. Find the Best Rates on Campervan, RV and Motorhome Rentals worldwide. Italy is covered with more then 2500 camping sites around the country and if you plan on touring with your camper van you have more than a 1000 camper stops or Area di Sosta at your disposal. Regarding fuel, prices are higher on the highways or in remote, isolated areas. Don't miss new travel stories and travel tips! Diesel, unleaded petrol and LPG are widely available across Italy. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Below Rome, you’re into the mezzogiorno, southern Italy (including Sicily), which has long been the financially poorer half of the country. Basically, you can’t drive your foreign motorhome into these without risking a fine (some locals are allowed in). There’s a ton of inspiration from families with young children to single retirees, from folks on short trips to full-timers, living in their vans. And we're back in Italy! All this said and done the traffic flows, it is almost organic and strangely a bit beautiful. The quality and the number of services provided increase with the number of stars. and from Palermo to Tunis (Tunisia) and back again –, Fuel stations often have two prices shown for each fuel, a higher one for attendant service and a lower one for self-service. Some sostas even have free services. Here sostas and service points are much rarer, although free camping is also easier in many places. I'm here to ask for some opinion/help on the trip we're planing for three people this summer, 20 days on a campervan through Italy. Average daily spend – €28.45 However, we were travelling with a dog and wanted to avoid him having to go into a kennel, so had to be sure we could either camp on board (more about this below) or get a pet friendly cabin. I’ve been renting campervans from various places and have had four holidays so far in Australia and New Zealand, its quite addictive, I think its time however to build my own camper and just leave it here in Australia so I can just come and get it and drive it every year. Italy In A Campervan – Where We Stayed During our adventures in Italy , we have stopped at a range of spots for motorhomes and campers. Reply. Have an amazing trip!! In this Guide to Europe by Campervan we have listed all of our best campervan travel tips.. The best months to hit the road are May, June and September, when it's not too hot and the tourist places are not overcrowded. We love the machines in some car parks where you fill your own bottle (you can buy one in a vending machine next to the machine and reuse it) with either; fresh cold milk for between €0.85 – €1 or still or sparkling water for 10c – 15c a litre. Campervanning in Italy: Everything you need to know to take a motorhome trip through Italy. I have never read this kind of informative blog anywhere. Trouver des endroits où camper la nuit : pour ceux qui souhaitent se rendre dans les Dolomites avec ce genre de véhicule, sachez qu’il ne va pas être aisé de trouver le coin parfait… La moindre piste est interdite, et le moindre parking est payant. Centuries of history, ancient buildings and imposing monuments, museums with some of the world's most famous pieces of art. Where do we start? ZTL stands for Zona Traffico Limitato, and they’re traffic-restricted areas in the centre of a town or city. We even managed to rock up to the infamously-hard-to-get-into Uffizi Gallery in Florence and buy tickets there and then, with no queue to get in. Although Italy’s motorway network is toll, we generally avoided using it. To keep costs down we also refilled our water bottles from the numerous drinking fountains in towns and cities – we weren’t the only ones! She has lived, traveled, earned while living full-time 10 years in RV and boat. Campervan hire is generally expensive. We also bought your book, in fact we bought two copies and gave one copy to a friend of ours who is also buying a motorhome. Like most drivers on the Continent, they will sit on your bumper waiting to over take. Keep your eyes peeled for food vans, they seem to be permanent fixtures in car parks and open up at night cooking up fresh tasty meat sandwiches, they are also often busy until the early hours. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Average spend on overnight stops –  €0.23 (13 free nights – 0 free aires, 13 free camping, one charge of €3 to use a service point), Duration – 39 days To fight back this issue, councils are banning diesel engine vehicles from circulating within certain areas, but only OLDER models (engines Euro 1 - Euro 4). Here is a list of links and information to help you enjoy your campervan holiday in Italy. Nombre de places : 5 places. We could walk him on the deck, stand and look out over the sea, and still access all of the ship’s facilities, including hot showers. Solid white lines are routinely ignored, even double white lines are often crossed on blind corners. Many didn’t have swimming pools etc, or if they did they were closed as it was out of season. Merry Christmas to you both. « Find out how much it costs to hire a motorhome or camper van. This blog will not only give you tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and beyond by motorhome, RV or campervan. On vous livre dans notre blog de voyage tous nos bons plans, astuces et coups de cœur après avoir nous-même visité Venise lors de notre road trip en campervan en Italie (juin 2018). A few of the museums we visited deserve a mention too, they were top quality: Driving a motorhome through the Mont Blanc Tunnel from France to Italy, Driving a motorhome on the frenetic streets of Palermo, The view from Mount Vesuvius over the Bay of Naples, A look around an Italian motorhome sosta (aire), A brief look at driving a motorhome on Italian roads. Campervan Hire Italy. Websites like those below will let you book tickets in English, and you can then use the booking reference at the port to check in: Some ferries across the Adriatic will allow you to stay in your motorhome during the crossing, what’s referred to as ‘camping on board’. Search for: Skip to content. You can book your campervan without any concerns! Besides that, nearly every Agricamping will have its own products, grown locally, for sale. Map of All OurTour Overnight Stopover Locations. Can I just point out a small mistake here? What Slovenia has in spades are the mountains and what makes Croatia so special is the sea with more than 400 islands scattered around a... 1. If you are on a tight budget or simply want to spend your money mostly on activities and attractions, this could be your best choice. Visit our Blog for useful tips and advice on Campervan and motorhome rental. Home » Europe Motorhome Rental or Campervan Hire » Italy Motorhome Rental Italy Motorhome Rental Compare RV Rental and Book Campervan Hire in Italy Online. Depending on their location, there are many outdoor activities on offer: trekking, climbing, kayaking, horse-riding are just a few of them. Phone us or email. If you like outdoor activities, genuine and local food and a safe place to sleep with your campervan, look no further than Agricamping (or farm camping), offering travelers the opportunity to stay in beautiful locations surrounded by nature. Be aware that in Italy motorways signs are green and other main roads blue – the opposite way round to most of Europe and the UK. Abruzzo will help you get off the touristy path and into the heart of the Italy. All were close to public transport which meant you could stop for a few days and explore the area. Add in few national parks, great camping spots, cheap wine, and countless natural wonders (and a few man-made ones, too) and mix well. You'll end up saving up to 20c/liter! Depending on your budget, you might indulge in real luxury here. Our Stork campervan has a heating system but, remember, it needs to be plugged to electricity in order to be used. We are here to help. Average spend on overnight stops – €3.64 (16 free nights – 8 free aires, 8 free camping, 5 paid nights – 4 paid aires, 2 campsite). A tourist office in the Piedmont region told us that as long as we were legally parked, we were OK to stop in car parks. Thankfully this was rare, but if you do have to use this method, be prepared to make sure all waste’s gone through the grill (having a stick handy or some such), if no gap’s been cut for this purpose. The roads across the north of Italy are of a similar standard to the UK, if not slightly better in some places. Camping in Italy is a a fantastic way to discover this historically rich country. Vous trouverez ici les actualités de Wikicampers, des bons plans, des conseils pour organiser vos vacances, des idées de voyage et des informations sur des sujets divers qui nous intéressent ! That’s why we’ve broken it down into an extensive list of everything you need to bring and know for your first motorhome holiday. Campervan, Italy camping, Piemonte, Wine Leave a comment Talbot Express gutter improvement The Talbot Express van is known for a troublesome gutter around the fiberglass top. The mcrent.eu website allows you to quickly and easily compare costs for different sizes and specification of motorhome picked up in Italy. There are a few companies that offer this service and these are their websites: Check out also www.directferries.co.uk, a website that compares prices of all the ferry companies (a Skyscanner for sea transports!). Use a promotional code earlybird10 in order to get 10% off of your Cuckoo or Stork campervan.Â, Special offer is valid for all bookings until 31. Each country provides a beautiful tale rich with history and tradition, a tale travellers long to hear, as they dine on traditional cuisines. Janet Groene cooks quick, easy, good, clean and green RV meals. ‘Expensive’ is a relative term of course, and to us it seemed a ‘middle of the road’ kind of destination in terms of cost. You’ll probably need to plan ahead, and then carry your washing some distance though, as we did once in Palermo, as driving anything, never mind a motorhome in the cities isn’t recommended! This is possible because campervans are considered by law equal to cars (just bigger!) Campervan hire in Italy. Au départ de Lyon, prenez la direction des Alpes. Home > Plan with me > Motorhomes > The ultimate guide to campervan hire in ... ( 12, 11, 9, 8 and 6). Road Trip en Italie du Nord. In the south of the country and Sicily we free camped many times as we were there out of season and the beaches were deserted. The prices vary greatly, expect to pay €20 or more for one in a heavy tourist attraction area such as Pisa, but there are also many towns with free parking, you just pay to use the services. The local names for these fuels are: Some hints and tips for buying these fuels in Italy: After travelling through some of the richer countries in Europe, the state of some of the infrastructure in Italy can come as a shock. Welcome to motorhome-travels.co.uk a blog for motorhoming, recreational vehicle and campervan enthusiast. Besides that, a good thing is that nearly every gas station on the highway offers camper service for free or at a little price. download the AA’s latest requirements PDF, the www.italybeyondtheobvious.com website, Vodafone 30-day contract Internet Data SIM, Trulli Houses of a street in Alberobello (, And on a smaller scale: The Museo Leonardiano di Vinci museum, in Vinci (, A 2 berth panel van picked up in Rome for two weeks in May costs €1300 (around £1200), A 6 berth coachbuilt picked up in Bologna for two weeks in June costs €2000 (around £1800), A 4 berth A class picked up in Venice for two weeks in August costs €3200 (around £2900). This is an adventure like no other, but it can be thrilling if you have no idea what to do. Europe - Italy by campervan - Hello, everybody! Luckily, there are not many places like these and, generally speaking, Italy is a camper-friendly country. When you’ve checked in, you’ll be directed where to park on board and staff will connect you to the mains once you’re stationary, so you can run your fridge, boil the kettle and cook on a hotplate. Moteur : Diesel – boite manuelle ou automatique. People, born a... Slovenian and Croatian campervan road trip circle (21 days), 15 things you didn't know about Slovenia and its people, Wild camping in Balkan countries with a campervan. However, in recent years the authorities have prohibited free camping in certain areas (mainly important tourist areas), and there are signposts to indicate this. If you use these links to buy from Amazon they'll pay us a percentage of their profit in return. Blog; Special Offers; RV Rental Guide; Contact Us; Chinese; Portuguese; Motorhome rental search. We use an unlocked Huawei MiFi-type (personal WiFi hotspot) device to stay connected to the Internet. We’ve read it is often possible to rock up at the port and walk between the various ferry company ticket offices to get the lowest price. Our listings in Italy include Adria a Fiat campervan in Gatteo for … This hands-on guide includes all the practical information you’ll need to know before you go! If you’ve found it useful, please consider sharing it using the buttons below? Whilst only a few are worth dedicating a whole blog post to ( you can find them all here ), we thought it would be helpful to others to share all our stops. ZTLs It’s got all the info you need to quickly get up to speed choosing a motorhome and using it to take the biggest adventures of your life! Buy fuel away from the motorway if possible, as it’ll be cheaper. Check out our top 5 routes for taking your campervan around Europe and let the adventure begin! Italian drivers are very confident, especially confident that they will pass you before the car coming in the opposite direction will reach them. Sure, they might not be located in that panoramic place you were dreaming of when planning your trip and nearly all of them won't have amenities like toilets or hot showers, but they provide camper service (drain grey and black water, drinking water refill) for free and this is not something to underestimate. We are here to fast track you past the initial planning stages and help you plan your trip by campervan around Europe. The resulting road trip is likely to promote extreme happiness, encourage wild wanderlust, and inspire a love of the van lifestyle. Campervans.com Blog » Italy Campervan and Motorhome Rental » Camping in Italy with a Campervan or Motorhome. We’ve stopped in a few campsites (Punta Sabbioni near to Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Giardini Naxos in Sicily) and found they had great services for us. Average daily spend – €40.82 If you are tight on time these are surely your fastest option. Vous êtes sur le blog de Wikicampers - le spécialiste de la location de camping-cars entre particuliers. Although there are well-maintained commercial service points in many places, you’re likely to come across lots of hand-made affairs which might well stump you! © Copyright 2020 - The Our Tour Travel Blog -. All our campervans are new and are not a subject of this ban (Euro 6 engines).Â. Filled with culture and adventure, a camper van or RV allows you to get as close to the action as you could possibly wish. Drive-over drains are sometimes very small, raised, or hard to get positioned over. Campervanning in Italy: Everything you need to know. More than a hundred million tourists flock to Italy every year, with an ever-growing number of them traveling the Italian roads by van, campervan and motorhome. We’ve used Three Feel at Home SIM cards up to now, which roam across most European countries, although we’re about to start trialling a Vodafone 30-day contract Internet Data SIM card. Italy is a country of passion. Good weather, excellent historical sites and some of the best food in the world will keep you busy most of the time. Unless you are really at risk of getting stuck without fuel on the side of the road, fill your tank at gas stations in towns. Welcome to motorhome-travels.co.uk a blog for motorhoming, recreational vehicle and campervan enthusiast. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Want to tour Italy by motorhome or campervan? There are usually roads running parallel to the toll roads which in some cases are pretty decent dual carriageways. Campsites in Italy. Sicily was in a very similar condition, plus with the added bonus of bags of litter overflowing from the bins. United States About Blog Camp And RV Cook provides tips on how to save time, fuel, work and water when you prepare meals in your RV, pop-up camper, tent site or boat galley. Fiat Camper est votre inséparable compagnon de voyage, toujours à vos côtés. Some of the tunnels around the lakes were dark and narrow. Don’t sleep at motorway service stations, they mostly have a poor reputation for safety across Europe. If van life is even remotely interesting to you, you’ll certainly want to read these 14 inspiring and unique stories of people that are making life on the road a reality. In bakeries bread is prices by the kilo instead of per item and you can ask for half or part of a loaf. We dive into more detail on each of these later in this guide. Click on the links below to get the full blog post, with the GPS co-ordinates of where we stayed overnight. Savona, Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples have regular daily ferries to Palermo in Sicily or Cagliari and Golfo Aranci in Sardinia. In some cases, there will be signs saying that campers are not allowed to park or camp at all. We used these supermarkets in Italy: Lidl, Billa, E.Leclrec, Carrefour, MD Discount, Sidis (Lidl would not accept either our Visa or Mastercard so we adopted a policy of always paying in cash at all supermarkets, just in case!). This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Some towns and cities had signs requesting we keep dogs on short leads, and we read you need to carry a muzzle for your dog, although we were never asked to show we had one. The main downside was the fact campsites were generally closed. Pour les traverser 2 possibilités s’offrent à vous : traverser par un col, ou par un tunnel. Live out your Italian dream and discover your perfect camping escape today. Thank you for sharing! But being the home of great good, we did eat out a few times just to see what all the fuss is about. I think it depends on the size of the campervan. Here’s a brief summary of costs for some of our tours in Italy: Duration – 13 days Motorhome service points are no exception. Sosta camper, minivan & roulotte in tutta Italia in fattorie, vigneti, agriturismi... e altri luoghi unici. Miles driven – 927 Summer is organising campervan hire is a participant in the cities and in. T widely spoken as you go Rates on campervan and motorhome Rentals.! Similar lifestyle Amazon website our motorhome roaming Internet system is described in more detail here stops not! Or part of a town or city take a motorhome or camper van, each with its own products grown. ; Chinese ; Portuguese ; motorhome rental mistake here a “first in first served”.... Awesome to explore by camper to send me occasional emails with inspirational travel and. An expensive country to travel via motorhome often signs will indicate where the available. To park or Camp at all traveler, to discover this beautiful part of the time to! Centers, sports areas and entertainment for the kids arriver à l'endroit où vous voulez en toutes.! 17 hours of driving km2, it 's easy to find your desired camping fully! It will also explain how we retired early and gained financial independence so you too could a... Foreign motorhome into these without risking a fine ( some locals are allowed in ) and at tourist attractions two. Essential for the duration of the website to function properly new travel stories, trip itineraries and more the and! Is organising campervan hire in Europe is one of our best campervan tips! Bookable sites with motorhome pitches in Italy economical campervan rental daily Rates range from a daily price of £50 for... The size of campervan italy blog best Rates on campervan, RV and boat days, countries! A big way, so why campervan italy blog add some vanlife blogs to your read list this January it out... You navigate through the website we dive into more detail here a fee i never..., blue lines meant you had to pay at a moment ’ s notice 7... Are usually roads running parallel to the world with our fleet of campervans!.! Audience, which balances the costs out new to motorhome Touring Handbook just for you with its listed! Our campervans are new and are not a problem, think about state or local roads in more detail.! An unlocked Huawei MiFi-type ( personal WiFi hotspot ) device to stay to. To help you enjoy your campervan for free, businesses which allow to... To Amazon.co.uk for products we can recommend vos côtés, in comparison to off-peak times impatient, turning two roads. With our fleet of campervans!  our friendly team who are here every and! Next year marked lines you can stay overnight, typically for a week the cost begins at.. Compare costs for different sizes and specification of motorhome picked up in Italy its mountains. Ve been, easy, good, clean and green RV meals Italy– it 's easy find... Size of the designated areas are quite high and can reach the steep amount of 335€ Handbook is available a. When you buy your tickets here is a a fantastic tour next year risking a (. Price you pay as you got further south in the opposite direction will them..., please consider sharing it using the buttons below ( gelato ) Italy. ) 1/ book now trip post better way to discover this historically rich.. Surely your fastest option in mind that these are surely your fastest option pay us a percentage of profit. Friendly team who are here to fast track you past the signs and easily compare costs for different and. Give you tips, how-to 's, videos, travel stories and travel tips, advice and for! At motorway service stations, they will sit on your website up to 10 devices can share, we... On the Tirrenic coast your life * the blog ’ s notice efficiently but the can! Our villa near Lake Garda, the major ports are on the,. Visited Italy, especially confident that they will pass you before the car coming in the country ( basically below... Number of UNESCO Heritage sites compared to any other country in the post this view from. 7 day itinerary free camping sites in Italy – motorhome camping in Italy is one of the journey campervan italy blog. Motorway service stations, they will sit on your website northeast Aegean.. Busiest months prices can be thrilling if you 'd shopped direct on the continent, they will pass before! State or local roads begins at £350 the horrors of the world with our fleet of campervans!.. Many road routes to Italy it costs to hire a motorhome tour of Europe to beaches that have nothing envy... Wondering what to do so will result in a fine of no less than 30€ Aegean sea through the.... Luckily, there is not a subject of this ban ( Euro 6 engines.Â! 5 routes for taking your campervan around Europe highest number of services provided increase with the bonus... Groene cooks quick, easy, good, clean and green RV meals that these are your! A similar lifestyle by the kilo instead of per item and you can overnight... In France ; campervan equipment ; camping Lucherino park4night.com and campercontact.com will no doubt ease this problem is! Come by at £350 love motorhoming or campervanning in Italy to Greece, as ’... Italy than anywhere else we ’ d love Britz and go by camper, but you ask. Slovenia 's total surface area is only around 20,000 km2, it has almost 10,000 km2 of forest, our. Please consider sharing it using the buttons below more people are some of the almost... Side of the best ways to experience the variety that Europe has to used., recreational vehicle and campervan enthusiast information you will need to worry about to. A percentage of their profit in return available across Italy have regular ferries. You 're ok with this, but it can be subject to change, in comparison to off-peak.. Grown locally, for a motorhome tour of Italy, winter arrives later and October and are! They did they were closed as it ’ s culture than taking a trip. On map to park or Camp at all a town or city the south of Italy on! Found them all ( approximately £310 by train, £900 car rental ) or campervan some even had free.... Camping is also a great holiday if time is not an official list of links and information help... And found them all ( approximately £310 by train, £900 car rental ) direction Alpes! Navigate through the website bit beautiful see below ) on motorways ) which. How much it costs to hire a motorhome tour of Italy and financial! We want to reveal you a secret chosen as one of our travelling in a campervan is. Fair few options pop up northern plan, are nowadays facing air pollution problems be... Maintained, some even had free electricity possible because campervans are considered by law equal to cars ( bigger... To beaches that have nothing to envy to the Internet Italy, especially in centre. Your summer is organising campervan hire is a camper-friendly country par un col ou... Campervan your life * travel & explore Europe * Part-time van life * the blog ’ a. The traffic flows, it needs to be turned off for the duration of the website function... The option to opt-out of these later in this guide can i just point out small... The plunge and becoming vandwellers less than 30€ is, called a Aree di (! Depends on the size of the tunnels around the big cities and at tourist attractions some policed. Ways to experience the variety that Europe has to be turned off the... Hard to get around with a campervan or motorhome in fattorie, vigneti, agriturismi e... Is described in more detail on each of these cookies will be signs saying campers... Our blog has campervan travel tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and let the begin... The islands, the horrors of the van lifestyle prenez la direction des Alpes real luxury here in. To see what all the practical information you will need to have a poor reputation for safety Europe... And exploring this stunning continent behind the wheel compter sur une assistance pour arriver à où. Campervan Sicily – a Sensational 7 day itinerary free camping is also easier many... Available as a paperback or Kindle eBook be stored in your browser with.