You can also show, for example, the progress inside the friends' group so each of them has more motivation, or let the existing users somehow help the new ones fully experience your product. SaaS landing pages have changed a lot over the last 10 years. This upgrade email is here to allay any worries and show the customer what is to come. Moreover, try to include social media CTAs to create engagement among your followers. This email is focused on social, as the main call-to-action (CTA) invites the recipient to share their achievements on Facebook or Twitter. Maintaining a stable retention rate creates a more sustainable SaaS business, and brings more satisfied and engaged users. Just be as exact and to the point as possible. With her great writing skills and intellectual information processing she makes the best content for best audience. Knowledge is power – whenyou know how to apply it. Among all types of emails to SaaS business, this one can generate you a major profit. This is your first email and you need to show how much you care about your customers. In the SaaS email marketing strategy, Canva is an online graphic design platform that makes their customers and their achievements the spotlight of an email. Or you can make one from scratch following simple instructions from our step-by-step guide. That’s why you need to use direct links or buttons with hidden links that lead your users to the necessary piece of information about the product on your blog. The reason is that you cannot really offer loyalty programs or promo codes the way that traditional retailers do and if your service is free, it is even more important to keep your customers engaged with your SaaS company, so the advertisers continue to see the traffic.Taking into account the fact that the vast majority of your current and prospective customers spend their days in front of a computer, email marketing is proved to be an effective way of promoting your solution, and there exist a lot of powerful strategies you can make use of in order to build brand loyalty through email marketing. What you can learn: After the trial of your software, you need to send a nurturing email to your customer and show what options they have for the future. By clicking on “Sign up” your future users expect you to continue the dialogue they’ve started. Dropbox, a file hosting service, is another SaaS company that has a great email marketing strategy. Mint understands that business and SaaS email marketing has to be a two-way street. Here are some email marketing trends and tips for SaaS providers that prove the importance of email marketing. 21 B2B Email Marketing Examples (Incl. Because of her articles, thousands of clients are becoming more informed about different issues in different industries. You may find specific new user segments respond best to different email types (this is very likely, in fact). Don’t write too long email. Stripo / Blog / 10 Types of Emails for SaaS Businesses with Examples While I was preparing this article, I decided to analyze what other smart people write in their articles about email marketing for SaaS. SaaS provides a complete software solution that you purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis from a cloud service provider. Remember, 99% of people like to smile and laugh a bit even during serious business meetings. Dropbox is a great example of a SaaS that serves both the B2B and B2C sector, with different plans for business users and private users. Or it’s better to showcase how your customers become a better person, a better professional, a better sportsman every time they use your app. And despite popular belief, writing re-engagement emails isn’t a reason to panic. Let your users give you credits. To make a life-long friendship with your users you need to communicate with them as with real friends — neither rare but nor often, not just talking about yourself but showing some gratitude to them. So try to add some useful information like an introduction to your product, or some advice on how to set it up correctly, or where to find instructions to your first welcome email. Dropbox, a file hosting service, is another SaaS company that has a great email marketing strategy. You need to bend over backward to succeed”, “You need to think strategically every day till the end of your life”, “Diversify or die”. Would it be okay for me to reach out next week to share those ideas with you? If you have other great examples in your mind, please share them with us in the comments below. I don’t like depressing articles. They sent an email announcing that they have enhanced the application’s interface and enumerated all the benefits it has on their users’ work. You can use the ready-made template below. However, just because according to The Radicati Group, about 205 billion emails are sent per day, it becomes a real challenge to grab people’s attention. When getting set up with file-sharing and digital asset management system Box, one... 3. The moral of this tale is clear. This proves that InVision is there to help companies. First, Mint compliments the reader’s choice (you understand the potential). What you can learn: The most important thing that you need to learn from CloudApp is that in order to create personalization, you should follow your customers, show them that you know about their activities and offer some new features that might be useful for them. Why? 5 Winning Examples of Sales Emails Done Right Success your failure in your sales email campaign all comes down to copy. This email is there to make the customer’s work easier. Sharing accomplishments has two benefits for Canva: What you can learn: When sending emails, try to motivate your customers by showing their achievements, the path they have passed through and the future goals they need to achieve. The fact that all one extra free week takes is a simple click feels like a nice gift. You may also, like Gmail, add videos to your emails. When you have users who’re truly interested in your product but have an itsy-bitsy uncertainty, you might try to present a little surprise like a discount or special offer that might motivate them to make the final step and purchase the product. Here we have it: 6 outstanding SaaS email marketing examples and the main lessons you need to learn from them. You can ask questions like “Was the price an issue to purchase the pro version?”,  “Is the product hard to use?”, “Did you enjoy the trials mode”, etc. Photos provided by and, make one from scratch following simple instructions, 10 Best Practices to Create Survey Invitation Emails. For this reason, they offer a trial extension for 7 days. The SaaS sector is relatively young and seriously competitive, which means companies have had to wring every last drop of creative juice from their patchwork just to get on the map. All confirmation emails are triggered. She has a strong writing experience with MBA degree. If one SaaS company sells business solutions this means that it’s B2B oriented. 7 SaaS welcome email examples to inspire you 1. Though the usual rule of thumb is to make CTAs brighter and more eye-catching, in this case the CTA makes the transition from reading the email to downloading the software more fluid. Also known as on-demand software, hosted software or web-based software, SaaS eschews traditional software installation, maintenance and management approaches in favor of delivering cloud-based applications via the internet. Remember to be as clear as possible. Sales introduction email subject line: Thom Hartmann suggested I get in touch. Their primary CTA is also used straight to the point: they just ask the reader to “Download Dropbox here”. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML. SaaS Email Examples Volume 1. INBOUND MARKETINGBEST PRACTICESTO INCREASESAAS COMPANY’S SALES. While I was preparing this article, I decided to analyze what other smart people write in their articles about email marketing for SaaS. With an email sequence following a similar structure, we were able to double our trial-to-paid conversion rate at our previous startup HeadReach from 1.5% to 3%. The most important lesson to remember is that when executing email marketing campaigns, you need to always focus on your customers. Doing so is an essential customer retention tactic that all SaaS companies should master. She is very punctual in everything she does. Gently remind them that in a couple of days they’ll need to decide whether to purchase the product and stay with you or leave. In the subject line, the main facts that you need to convey are clearly shown: the stage of the trial, the actions that need to be taken and what will happen to the user’s work. If the case is that the SaaS company provides software to people logically it’s B2C. Otherwise, how can users learn what a great and progressive product they’re using? Plus they’ve shown its effectiveness, but who cares about it (joking). But, as with any other marketing strategy, you need to approach email copywriting with a lot of attention to achieve the results you expect. It’s not about telling lies but showing what you’re really worth. Implement these email copy examples in your strategy. We’ll highlight only the most memorable and important moments for us. Especially when I’m writing this article in the atmosphere of New Year and Christmas. 4.6. Jokes just should be relevant and not offensive. Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. Sometimes in emails of this type, companies review the way clients used their tool. SaaS email marketing has evolved, and here are some SaaS email marketing trends and tips that will help SaaS marketing agency to prove the actual importance of email marketing. And what I read mostly was “Way too many competitors on the market. Yup, it’s easy to implement this idea. But it’s not the same for your users when they first meet it. Hi everyone. So here my story begins... … Once upon a time, there lived a SaaS business. Weblium gathered the most interesting SaaS email examples to inspire you to create stunning and powerful email campaigns. Such emails need to contain phrases like “Need more time to try our software? Stripo’s 2020 in numbers For instance, the email ab… They come in various categories, like customer relationship management (CRM), email finders, and automated outreach. Yes, you can make a standard confirmation email as most market players do but instead maybe try to use this idea :). The Software as a Service (SaaS) model continues to gain traction across all corners of the business world, and for good reason. Though it’s sad to admit, sometimes users decide to leave the little SaaS fella for different reasons. With such SaaS email marketing strategy, a company that we have noticed is Squarespace. Please note that you would need more than just kind words — an open rate decreases with every email you send. Finally, the body of the text is straight to the point: it asks the recipient to download the software and reminds about the main benefits they might get. It ain't written for the delight of wannapreneurs who like to read about the glory of Mark Zuckerberg and how to build a multi-million dollar business. We’re all busy people and sometimes your users can forget that the trial is not endless. 10 Types of Emails for SaaS Businesses with Examples. What you can learn: After getting a new customer, make sure to send him/her a follow-up email and show how your software can be used and how beneficial it is for the customer. First of all, they have a cute charming header cartoon that quickly draws the reader’s attention. 1. Template: Hey Alex, I’m reaching out because I have several ideas for how you can bring in more leads and ultimately close more deals every month. Emails are considered to be the main way of telling more about your SaaS product and showing your customers that you really care about them. In their email marketing strategy, Canva, which is an online graphic design platform, makes their customers and their achievements the spotlight of the email. You might think that your product is the most precious and the most simple-in-use app in the world. Let it be a simple branded design, a standard font, and meaningful words or understandable statistics. They know that people get a... 2.Box: Drive users to the admin area. Cause our relatives say that. Without begging to stay, desperate words in Bridget Jones style. Here is an email from CloudApp, file sharing software, that educates its users about its new feature. Oboarding email examples and analysis from 10 top SaaS free trial series . In order to create personalization, they show that they follow their customers and know what they have already done with their software and what they might need. Email 1: Welcome to [Product], {{ person.firstName | … Your storyteller loves such copy and loves relevant humor, it’s not a secret (take a look at the previous paragraph). Advantages of SaaS 1. We already did it ;) And want to share our results with you. And every time the days of trial passed, little SaaS business was left all alone without any friends as no one prolonged their friendship. Building one with this template saves you hours. You're subscribed, look for a confirmation email shortly. One day they see the ad about a SaaS fella, who looks like he can help with the listed above troubles. Thus the email will be useful, informative, and short. An example of SaaS B2C is Shopify. The next one among types of emails for saas products is more about generosity. They have so called “friendly reminder” emails that are simple, cute and personalized. Canva. For such cases, you need to have a neat and sincere email where you unobtrusively show how you’re going to miss your user. When Mailchimp updated their automation features back in 2015, they made sure to tell their subscribers about it. Well, my dear readers, I can’t answer this question with only one sentence. It means that it has evolved. Our pride, or Stripo’s achievements in 2020 We’re the best! 10 Email Pitches Proven to Get a Response from a Journalist. For example, you may send an email to boost activity from a dwindling account. Whenever a customer signs up for your service, the most important part of marketing... Canva’s Appreciation & Feedback Mail. It is a SaaS company with annual revenue of more than $5 million. We're sharing 21 of the best B2B email marketing examples from the world's leading SaaS companies, so you can use them in your B2B email marketing strategy. Yay!! Big book of saas email examples. The “5” and “20” trophies in the background show that Canva appreciates the user’s ongoing usage of their software and encourages them to continue using it by providing a new goal. By Sujan Patel, Co-founder, Web Profits @sujanpatel. Be very thoughtful when preparing this email — among all the types of SaaS marketing emails this one can change the whole future of your relationship with users, whether they become your clients later or not. And don’t forget to keep it short — leave all details for the website page. Dropbox. My onboarding email breakdowns and analysis have been featured by: 1. You might think that if the email is not directing the user back to Canva, it cannot boost brand interaction, but this is not the case. With only one limit — AMP is supported in Yahoo on the web. Not just that my editor would fire me, but mostly because I want to help every fella to see in detail the advantages of the SaaS email types. Thanks! Key SaaS Metrics That Matter for Your Business Growth, build brand loyalty through email marketing, Canva can get positive feedback and can inspire other users to create more designs, It will expose a wider audience to Canva’s platform, Headlines act like CTAs, thanks to words like “create”, “get”, “update”, “present”, Descriptions clearly show how easy it is to use inVision and how quickly projects can be completed. The phrase “Seeing that you have made 12 drops” creates personalization and makes the customer feel unique. Well, I kind of lied. It is a customer support and ticketing software that supports several support channels including phone, email, like chat, social media, online tickets, and more. This type of email is mandatory for all businesses as, according to the GDPR rules, we are allowed to send only solicited newsletter emails. While writing a manual to your app, you can make it as long, as it’s needed. :) Or how can they be prepared for a new interface or features or whatever else. December is the best time to review a year that is about to end soon. Still, this does not mean that email is dead. In a land far far away, some people have some troubles with self-education, self-management, team building, and other various dilemmas. You can use this type of email for different purposes: to learn why someone decided to leave, whether the users enjoy your product or they want some changes and to gather feedback on any relevant matter. It’s not time to be shy. A short email with the standard structure of information would fulfill this job. First of all, they have a cute charming header cartoon that quickly draws the reader’s attention. Best, John Doe Why It Works: Getting permission is intriguing because nobody else does it. Hi Mark, Thom mentioned that you are looking for a reliable person to build a website for you. Stores your data. Their empathetic acknowledgment that everyone gets busy and could use a little extra time conveys that they understand human beings — something that often gets left out of promotional asks. 11 Best Welcome Email Template Examples—To Get inspired for your email design and messaging We’ve collected 11 examples of best welcome emails used by companies from different industries. They have so called “friendly reminder” emails that are simple, cute and personalized. What you can learn: Based on Dropbox’s email marketing strategy, the three main things you need to include in your email are: Post-registration emails are crucial in keeping new users engaged and interested in your brand. Val Geisler is a writer who specializes in email marketing and content for SaaS and online businesses. Introduction sales email sample #1: Highlight a mutual connection. In their email, first of all they notify the recipient that their free trial has already expired. ZenDesk is another example of a SaaS company that is indeed inspiring. Why not help our readers and save you from reading pessimistic sentences? Educate users, help them grow and prosper along with you. Preparing your "Year in review" email? 25 MINUTE READ. In this type of SaaS email examples, you can see a direct link between the benefits of the product and personal user’s results. Mostly because users get this email when they hesitate whether to pay you money on a regular basis or cancel the subscription. Here we'll highlight the most important figures. Now, it’s time to show your niceness and manners — welcome the users, let them know that you’re not going to leave them along with your product, and you want to become friends or, more officially, their assistant. Show them, spread the word about them in newsletters or special campaigns, and let your customers decide which ones are they really going to use. If there’s a need to verify the account, let them know about it. Get Free access to 10 best converting PR pitches from our 5000+ customers. On October 14th, 2020, Verizon Media announced the launch of AMP for Email in Yahoo. What you can learn: In this powerful email marketing example, a lesson that can be learned is that you need to be as simple and straightforward with your customers as possible. Make “an email show” with infographics, interactive elements while presenting your pretty product. 26 Cold Email Examples Broken Down To Help You Write Your Own. SaaS Email Marketing Funnel Examples from Real Brands Application Improvements Mailchimp. You can easily navigate through it with your eyes closed. Boosting engagement, increasing conversion rates, and building a community are only a few of the benefits of email marketing for SaaS companies. Canceling or subscribing is just a click of a button. 7 Examples of SaaS Companies with Exceptional Marketing Here’s how to influence retention via email. And Really Good Emails know how to make out of a simple, not-designed email something and are full of intrigue, like what kinds of emails are their users going to get after an “official” subscription. Let's begin our journey into the world of email marketing for SaaS products. First of all, an important thing here to mention is that the company shows its responsiveness to user behavior just in the beginning of the email. For example, consider what happens when your most loyal or highest-spending customers cancel their service. 9 Email Marketing Examples from SaaS Providers Wistia’s Creative Welcome Email. Also, you can share useful material from other sources, for example, your partners' blog, the ones you trust. As a prime example of a Software-as-a-Service vendor, HubSpot is a family of inbound marketing, sales, and CRM solutions that provide marketers with all the tools and functionalities needed to create compelling content, target the right audience, and sell at least three times faster than their competitors. As a side note, not all cancellations should be treated equally. Whenever you have new blog posts, expert articles, or interviews just notify your subscribers about them. But when it comes to email, it can’t be long — subscribers simply won’t scroll through it. The examples in this blog provide general templates you can use to create different onboarding emails for your own SaaS. Use our pre-built email templates for SaaS products or build one from scratch, Be always wide awake in recent email marketing news, guides, articles and how-to’s, © 2021 Stripо.email — Next Generation Email Editor. Multiple SaaS tools are available to help optimize your marketing. SurveyMonkey: Bold value proposition and clear next action. Unique Templates) Because 5% of email users worldwide prefer this email client over others. Common examples are email, calendaring, and office tools (such as Microsoft Office 365). Examples of Tools for SaaS Sales. This email example passes the baton to the reader, and puts success in their hands. Salesforce, for instance, is a B2B SaaS company. So, don’t be afraid to let your creativity loose. Instead of “click here” or “watch now” buttons, the CTAs are unique to each product feature that is demonstrated in the video. Think: if you just yell from every email “Hey, you! If you are interested to learn more about survey emails, check our article on 10 Best Practices to Create Survey Invitation Emails. This story might have been sad but little SaaS business understood one thing -- when you want to make lots of new friends and build strong relationships with them, there should be a dialog between two sides. And try to make the process of answering the questions more fun — let your users share the answers right in the email. Secondly, for more personalization, they greet recipient by their first name. Even my shrink says so. The examples of the emails that we introduced to you effectively prove this point. In this example, we can see that the language used in the email is all about speed and efficiency: “simple”, “quick” and “fast.” This email demonstrates how helpful the software can be for the customers with the help of tutorials. And these people decide to make sure this product can become their backup. Another thing that they do with this email is encouraging their customers to use the feature by showing them that only ‘cool’ customers use the feature. Email services that you commonly use like Gmail and Yahoo are probably the best examples of SaaS companies. To let users rate you and comment on the quality of your service, just use this template. And one more reminder on the very last day of trial — just to ensure that they got the message. Or “Didn’t get enough time to check our premium features?” and of course directions to get in touch. The descriptions beneath video tutorials are just awesome: The email closes with an easy way to reach out for support and the reader is given a chance to communicate directly with a staff member. Doing so shows respect, build trusts, and, if done correctly, can leave someone in suspense. Sona is the story-maker of Incredo. Needless to say, you can’t compromise on using an onboarding sequence in your SaaS. You just accomplished your business goals or fully updated your interface? It’s never a bad decision to show your advantages. It clearly explains what happens to the customer’s data, team member access and presents the main ways the customer can pay for the software. You need to do the same serious kind of work with the retention email too.