2 months ago. I've also added a red laser marker (beam combiner) to help align work. DIY CO2 Laser Project : Laser Engraver - Laser Cutter We have begun design and construction of our high powered 90 Watt CO2 laser cutter and engraver build. I carefully mount the aluminum frame on the printed brackets. This originally was a 40 Watt CO2 laser, and I blogged a full build log here: blackTooth DIY Laser Cutter. And another one for raster mode. To assemble the profile, just start by assembling the bottom profiles, then the vertical profiles, the upper ones and last of all the middle profiles. See more ideas about co2 laser, laser cutter projects, laser. All this leads to the idea that if you have a minimum skill working with hands.. sounds weird.. then it makes sense to assemble the machine by yourself, and not to overpay couple thousands. If one of the mirrors is reflecting to the wrong direction, beam will not arrive at the right place or it wil burn something that doesn't need to be burned. Would you mind sending off the 3d files too? The radiator is on the right side (not in the picture) and the blower is under the table. diy co2 laser cutter help to improve the accuracy and precision of the laser equipment machines. And it's still very cheap for a lasercutter with such a large cutting area. I've chosen a laser head with movable lens, so you can adjust the Z-distance between the lens and the material you want to cut to set the focal point right. I absolutely intend to recreate your cutter for use in my workshop, would you mind if I sent you a private message with questions? DIY Laser Cutter. Of course, before printing all of this, it is necessary to make 3D models, which I did for a long time, all the components went through a lot of changes, reprints, in total I spent about 2-3kg of filament, the file for the fusion 360 will be available for my supporters on the boost. You also need to print the hinges and 'voet deksel' to assemble the cover. At The Medspa at Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center , our patients love the incredible anti-aging, rejuvenation results from this CO2 laser treatment. I really hope you like this project as much as I do! The second factor I kept in mind was how big the working area and the cutter itself would be. You can use those or buy iron pieces for extra fastness. How do you do? Railroad Rail Lantern / Sign Stand Split With Axe. 6 weeks ago, Oh yes I’m changed my background will send the the step by step tomorrow at some Point, Reply or Best Offer. Before we can compile GRBL, you need to edit some part of the code to make homing (returning to its home position) possible. We did cooling using a radiator instead of the copper tubes, and I used a blower from a kids bouncy house for the exhaust (really works well!). I just remove the tray and plug in the rotary in the "Y" axis controller.I also gave in and purchased an external cooler and ditched my home brew pump and radiator setup. 3. After several working houres of your lasercutter, you'll have to redo this step. The only thing you need to change is the limit switch of the X-axis. Therefore I use a dark acrylic plate for the cover. As I found set of 3 motors is chipper then buying them separately. To mount those parts, just look at the pictures how I did it, I think this is the easiest way to explain it. First one in line: safety! The frame was assembled using 3D printed pieces. It's great. First of all, you need to install the latest version of the arduino IDE on your computer if you don't have it already. Hello! or Best Offer. Of course this one wouldn't be made out of MDF sheets. We offer CO2 lasers with a locating accuracy of +.01 mm, as well as cutting speeds of 236 in/min and engraving speeds of 700 in/min. The X axis doesn’t seem to cause difficulties, the motor on the one hand, a pulley with a bearing on the other, in the middle a laser head with a belt clip. These mirrors guide the laser beam into the material that is to be cut. So you'll need to repeat this several times with a new piece of wood. Basic I'm trying to change the background picture on the display.. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated...Thanks, Answer Free shipping. The worlds first professional CO2 laser kit. It is recommended to use distilled water as a coolant, I use an anti-freeze, the option is so-so, many people criticize it, but in the garage in the winter the temperatures drop far below 0 and the laser would just burst with ice. See attached photo. I had already made a machine like this, so I thought: "Why not do it again?". I will also leave a link to a similar compressor for 110 or 220v. By the way, all the actions that I just described must necessarily occur in safety goggles for 10600 nm, this is the wavelength of this laser, also remember the fact that the laser is invisible to the human eye. I'm not responsible for eventual accidents. I also want to go through the points that can be improved, as I said about controller, I ordered several different boards, I will test them and show everything on this topic. Reply To begin with, I recommend taking 50.8mm you can engrave and cut with it. 1 year ago In my school, we have a cnc miller, so the plates were cut by one of my teachers. 3.3 out of 5 stars 6. This device reads the codes from your computer (or raspberry pi with touchscreen) and converts them into pulses for the steppermotor drivers and laser driver. The laser will have marked another dot on the wooden piece. Again you Have done a great job and have presented it well.,Thank you,Chuck, Answer Here are some pics. After adjustment, I reconnect the high-voltage board, adjust the steps per millimeter in grbl for each axis, set the gap from the nozzle to the cutting surface and you can run the program! This eliminate a … We have not tackled the Pi part yet, just the Arduino Uno running GRPL using LaserGRPL to run the table. Plus, for this price, you get an awesome experience of building your own lasercutter and invaluable knowledge. Of course, for that price you also get awesome software and customer support when you buy a lasercutter, but I only turned 17 when I started this project and I just didn't have that money. Thanks to a handy USB port, it's easy to get projects onto this machine that can cut at a rate of 3600mm per minute on its 400 x 600 mm cutting plate. The laser is powered by a high voltage of thousands of volts, you have to be very careful when working with. By How-ToDo My YouTube channel Follow. The copper pipes will be mounted inside the ventilation room, so the ten computerfans mounted in a row on the other plate will constantly blow air on the pipes so they will be able to cool down the water. 8 months ago. All mounts for mirrors are made for 20mm and have adjustment, between their base and mount itself I put cropped springs from gel pens, for ease of adjustment. 8 months ago. I 3D printed some adapters to convert a 4" dryer hose to two 2" ducts with flappers through the wall behind the unit. With the laser beam cutting/engraving technology, the laser engraving machine can create excellent precision art-woksand handicrafts. I've also build one of these, works great for etching glasses and mugs (https://geeksmithing.com/rotary/). Co2 40W laser engraver is able to engrave a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, plywood, leather, glass, acrylic, rubber and so on. To use this lasercutter, G-codes need to be generated and sent to the arduino. You can find 3d models for fusion 360 on my boosty page https://boosty.to/how_todo, Question Next, we determine what type of guides we will use, I took the rails, this is the most expensive option, the pros: are practically unbreakable, there are no backlashes, the most smooth movement. I couldnot flash a working program on a raspberry PI 3 B + only on the raspberry PI 3. Now the electronics and the software is done, we are almost ready to use the lasercutter. I can just pull out the bed, and the rotory unit is under it. RC Arduino Domino Layer With Bluetooth App Control. Read here… An Endurance laser kit (a laserbot tool) offers a powerful laser attachment for your 3D printer or CNC machine with the guaranteed non-stop operation time of 48-72 hours. As this lasercutter uses a 40 W CO2 laser, it is obvious that the laser beam and even reflections of it(!) 8 months ago Our first laser power supply from eBay was crap. It seems like everything of mechanics, lets move on to electronics. You can also import files like .svg, .dxf, .jpeg... For sending the G-codes to the arduino, LaserGRBL is being used. Again great job and hopefully others will jump on board and build your creation. In 2013 I built one of the first blackTooth DIY laser cutters from BuildYourCNC. In raster mode, the object itself wil be engraved and not only the contour. You can see the lay-out of the electronics in the pictures. The x-axis is fastened with 30 mm m6 bolts, I made the thread in the profile. A lot of the parts of this lasercutter are made with the help of my 3D-printer. I’m still going through it and hopefully I will be able to go into the manufacturing mode and create the files for my 3-D printer. For now, I have only written a simple piece of code for the raspberry pi with four pushbuttons to control the lights and other functions. One for vector mode. The last room is the space on the right of the machine, where all the eclectronics, drivers, supplies and touchscreen will be. My machine is in my basement and it is usually around 60 degrees F down there so the laser does not get over 68 degrees F. I plan to enclose the electronics and radiator shortly (once my Son finishes the safety control system/board). And now I have a question for you, why the cost of the machine will differ significantly depending on the working aria? It needed to be built from high quality materials so it … Those are all the files and programs you need for letting the lasercutter do its job. Right now I just have a 4 pin plug on the Y Axis driver and male connectors on the rotory and normal Y axis so I have to manually switch them. You can see the values that need to be changed in the image I uploaded in this step. The stepper motor drivers are set on 16 microsteps, this means that every step of the motors is divided in 16 seperate steps. But of course it depends on your goals. The left side is connected to the hot side of the laser through my pump. I included the full wiring diagram for all the drivers and microcontrollers, the best way to wire them is to print the diagram and just mark which wires you already connected, so you'll know what you've already done. As already mentioned 90% of the mechanics were printed on a 3D printer, the filling is 100%, I recommend to buy if you don't have 0.8mm nozzle so that printing goes faster. The electronics may look difficult on the pictures, but it's actually very simple. When you want a laser cutter and engraver that will look right at … My DIY CO2 Laser Tube Cooler One important part of keeping your laser working at its best is keeping the tube temperature consistent. If you chose to assemble controller on grbl, like me, then everything is as simple as possible, google Arduino nano grbl and solder everything according to the circuit, there are literally ten wires, connection to the laser power supply looks like this. Change it to "// #define HOMING_INIT_LOCK". This will be done by watercooling. It's written in C# with Visual Studio 2017. Share it with us! The arduino is just connected to the steppermotor drivers and the driver of the CO2 laser. The very last part is the nozzle, on top of it we put the o-ring and the focusing lens is also 20 mm in diameter, the tube from air pump comes in the side, this whole structure is attached to the base with 2 rubber bands, its bottom is solid, this is done specially so that when you turn on the laser for the first time it burned its way out and formed a minimum hole through which the compressor air would exit. Behind the ventilation room, there are two spaces on top of each other. Since the cost of the ball bearing slider is relatively high, as you noted, I was considering using rollers as you also suggested like the ones I have on my "Delta" 3 D printer. The brain of this machine is a controller that will send commands to stepper motors, move the axis and turn on the laser at the right time, I would recommend buying controller from China, spend 200 bucks on a real thing, very fast, with display, and a slot for a memory card. Therefore the margins of all the seperate 'rooms' in the machine are picked a little bit spacious. This is a full step by step instruction on how to build your own lasercutter! He owes me aluminum skins, waiting for his local maker space to come out of Covid restrictions. Before making a draft of what the machine should look like, I made a list of things that needed to be kept in mind when designing it. It's a pretty simple job actually. I realized that I need a cnc Laser, but not a simple one, I need a powerful CO2 laser! As I just mentioned, ten computer fans will be mounted in the back of the working area to extract the fumes. It needed to be built from high quality materials so it wouldn't fall apart within two years. The raspberry Pi also controls the relay module. Way simpler and works great ($151 US). By How-ToDo in Workshop CNC. Grand Prize in the Microcontroller Contest 2017, Second Prize in the Design Now: In Motion Contest. We replaced it with a CloudRay unit from Amazon and the PWM works much better now (other supply seemed to run at too high a voltage for the 40w tube (28KV vs 22KV (startup, 10KV running). Modified my tray to make it removable and added a rotary attachment to etch glasses and mugs (works great!). I also just mentioned 'nuts and bolts' in the BOM. Again, with this sheet, I used 8 mm acrylic because I could buy them for a very reasonable price. I included the .dxf files of all of the plates that have to be cut for the lasercutter in this step. The last element of the optical system is the lens, it come in different focal lengths from 38.1mm to 101.6mm, if you imagine how the beam goes, than you can understand the difference of usage, lenses with a short focus are mainly used for engraving, and long focus for cutting because the area of the beam with a high concentration will be larger and the material can be burned deeper. I have around 3L of water in the system. I also connected a 25V 1000µF capacitor on the power lines of the drivers, this prevents interferences on the power lines. Since I have a 3-D printer and I am proficient with Fusion 360 I would really appreciate getting your Digital files. I estimated the working aria that I needed, stopped at a size of 800 by 700 mm, took an aluminum profile of 20 by 40mm as a frame, its rigidity is enough, but for larger devices it will be necessary to choose a more solid profile. // #define HOMING_CYCLE_1 (1...Y_AXIS) ", Uncomment this line. This machine uses a 40W laser! Now, slide the Y-axis to the furthest point of the axis and push the testbutton again. 21. Stepper motors are simple nema17 with a 5mm shaft. As usual, I've made a complete bill of materials with everything you need to build your own lasercutter. Introduction: DIY 40W CO2 CNC Laser. Here, the Y-axis stepper motor is mounted on the rear of the frame, in order to push the axis at the same time from two sides, I put the regular 8mm threaded rod on the bearings, I put pulleys to rod's ends that pull the belt and the Y axis itself, on the front there is a mount for the pulley with a bearing. The colour of the parts doesn't really matter, but I printed all of the inner parts in red (because we liked it) and the exterior parts in black (and some inner parts, just because I ran out of red filament ;)). 6 weeks ago, Hi how’s your laser cutter doing have you seen mine almost finished covering with aluminium composite, Reply Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty. It’s clear that probably noone will repeat an exact copy of my creation, but at least you can look at and kind of touch all the components, you can modify something. 5 weeks ago, Hi not forgot just got lots on at work sorry, Just some pictures of my laser cutter build. Still just the fiberboard enclosure, but it's working great. For that we need a Gcode interpreter. This lasercutter uses a 40 W CO2 laser, has a large cutting area of 1000 by 600 mm and has a touchscreen to control it! Now some values need to be changed. I have a few questions about it, though perhaps too many for a discussion here. For the last mirror, the one that leads the beam downwards into the lens, I just adjusted the mirror until the beam was perfectly vertical. It is important to install grounding on the machine, it does not matter which board you choose, it is extremely important, otherwise various artifacts will creep out in the form of missing steps, freezes and other things. 1 day ago. I guess not many of you have a cnc miller at home. (see post 1 year ago). The construction consists of five seperate places. About: Just do things, electronics, woodwork, etc. If you do it wrong, you'll lose the little balls of the bearing and this would be very annoying. The tools needed for this are actually just a metal saw. Steve, Reply Alibaba.com offers 1,745 co2 laser cutter diy products. Fix the second mirror, now get hit in the center of head, in the four corners of the machine and in the center of the working aria, the last mirror shoots down, I put the regular mirror below so that the tape can be seen and on the maximum extended nozzle I get hit in the center, it sounds like a pain in a butt, but in fact, I dealt with this in a couple of hours, you have to do it only once. ... 100W CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 900x600mm Engraver Cutter USB Disk. The Raspberry pi is just connected to some buttons. Two of these sheets need to be bent to fit the bezel, I contacted a local company for this. All the electronics that are being used are mentioned in the B.O.M., except for two resistors (825 Ohm) and two capacitors (1000µF). Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer. It really works quite well. Hello, I would like to know what is that piece and what it does. The only thing left to do is calibrate the mirrors for guiding the laser beam to the right location. I used an arduino running on GRBL as gcode interpreter. Hello! For the side panels I used high pressure laminate, just because it looks good and is laser resistant. The machine requires ventilation of the working surface, I bought such a 20-watt fan and, as it were, it pulls absolutely nothing, you need a powerful turbine. You can download the latest version of GRBL here. In vector mode, the contour of an object will be cut or engraved. It runs on two microcontrollers, an arduino with GRBL and a raspberry pi with touchscreen to make this a stand alone device and control it. As I already said, the aim is to build a stand alone lasercutter, which means that the raspberry will read the codes from a USB drive and send them one by one to the arduino. More by the author: ... Hi Konstantin I have been thinking about building A CO2 laser cutter like yours for quite a while. I've since moved to a CW-3000 cooling system. I also changed the mirror holder mounted on the Y-axis, You need to mount it on the same spot, but i just changed its design to be a bit more resistant to vibrations of the axis caused by its movements. For those who want to edit the code or want to keep developing the code to give it more functionallities, I've also uploaded the code itself. Jun 13, 2015 - Explore Housefish's board "Laser Cutter Build", followed by 467 people on Pinterest. This is a very good design. I install the electronics, stretch the wires, connect. Still not a bad option for this type of machine is ordinary rubberized rollers, as is often used on 3D printers, it is very cheap, easy to maintain and replace, and nevertheless gives sufficient quality. Hello! The space right behind the working area is the ventilation room, all fumes will be sucked from the working area to this place and they will be exported outside by a ventilation hose. It really works great, when you are cutting through you don't see any smoke at all, when you are not you do. Thanks, Chuck, Hi KonstantinThe link you provided made it simple to download your Fusion 360 file and load it on my computer.I must say this is the most comprehensive 360 file that I have worked with. SanaLoma Laser Georgetown, Texas. 6 weeks ago, Hi.. Love the cutter.. We enclosed the frame with hardboard and Acrylic (using the cutter to handle the Acrylic). There are dozens of methods in use around the world, everything from minimal cost low tech home brew solutions to high priced commercial chillers. ★DIY Laser Cutters – Engraving area: 12″ x 8″. I had access to a circular saw and a belt sander, so cutting the profiles was a pretty easy job, but it still took a day's work for two people. I feed motors with a voltage of 24v with such an power supply, it also feeds a water pump. This is important and needs to be done correctly because as you know, the laser beam is guided to the right direction with the use of mirrors. Its a work in progress, we'll tackle the safety systems and the Pi next. See more ideas about laser cutter, laser, co2 laser. 8 months ago. 30W 110V Fiber Laser Marking Machine Metal Engraving Engraver High Precision . This makes homing optional and not required before running a job. I would recommend you to use 6 or 4 mm acrylic for the cover because: 1. Really happy with it. This cutter worked well for hobby purposes, however I soon had problems with the main controller board not working, and a replacement USB board seemed to hang … 10 months ago, hi hows laser cutter coming on have you seen mine so far. And now the most entertaining process, in quotes, turn off the block with the wire going to the low-voltage part of the high-voltage power supply, apply voltage to it and to the water pump for cooling, hook a piece of masking tape to the place where the first mirror should be installed, and push the test button on the laser power supply board, now moving the tube, try to get the moment that the beam hits exactly in the center, when this happens, set the mirror in its place using double-sided tape, move to the second mirror, this time you should hit in the mirror's center in full range of axis movement, if this does not work, it's because the mirrors and the laser tube are not at the same high, you should fix it and than continue. We can work with line art, logos and lettering but not photos. They're so thick because we didn't have smaller sheets at school and I liked the combiation of the dark plexi and the high pressure laminate. So I decided to use an MDF sheet instead. Orion Motor Tech 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter with 200 x 300mm Work Area, Desktop K40 Laser Engraving Machine with Digital Control, Red Dot Pointer, Detachable Wheels, Compact for DIY Home … need to be kept inside the machine. Even reflections of the beam are very dangerous for your eyes! As for this step, I'll just explain how and why I got to this design. In the pictures of this step, I added some drafts that show you the different views of the frame. For the copper pipes, i bought three 12 mm copper pipes of 1 m together with two female to female elbows and two male to female elbows and just soldered them like you can see on the picture. The entire project cost me about €1900, this is still a lot of money, but I didn't want to make it from scrap. I've already made tons of key rings, greyscale pictures, boxes, birthday cards and even a simple duck! With two extensions for generating the G-codes. I also modified the airflow to come from the top, makes it much smoother (added a space right at the angle on the cover, about 1/4" wide and closed the bottom off).. I took good precautions when designing the enclosure and the laser will be only activated when the cover is closed. A wide variety of co2 laser cutter diy options are available to you, such as local service location, laser source brand, and key selling points. The lower space is the space where the water tank and waterpump will be, these are necessary for the cooling of the laser. A 3D printer is a beautiful investment though. are some commonly bought products involving laser-related uses. (remove "//"). " 4 weeks ago. The entire project cost me about €1900, this is still a lot of money, but I didn't want to make it from scrap. Thank you since now. Yes, of course, I am ready to answer questions, Question It’s impossible to make a guide for assembling a cnc machine for the specific tasks of each, so I’ll tell you how I assembled my own with a description of the pros and cons of the selected solutions. The only things not included in this price are shipping costs (a total of about €50) and the 3D printer filament. I uploaded a video of this lasercutter on youtube, you can find it here: In this step, I will talk about the design of this machine. Now that we have mounted the axis, stepper motors and other (3D printed) parts, it's time to mount the plates. Thanks for the plans/inspiration! To design the objects that need to be cut, i use inkscape V0.91. Like I said, a work in progress! The laser beam has a carving accuracy of 0.05 mm and a wavelength of 405 mm. The seperate spaces will be seperated by 3 mm acrylic. Don't forget to hit save when closing wordpad. Hi Konstantin,Your fusion 360 file downloaded with no problems at all.I am totally impressed with the detail that you provided in this file.I was able to create an STL file for one of the “bodies ”for my 3-D printer with no problems at all. Unfortunately I don't have time at the moment to do that so for now I've just written a simple code. Thanks! I'm not very proficient with the raspberry pi.. When building a machine like this, safety is a priority. This step doesn't include any files to download. Try to have that spot in the center of the mirrors, adjust their location before aligning them. It's mounted at the furthest point of the axis and it needs to be placed on the nearest point. I started to look on aliexpress, cheapest I found is about 400 dollars, for that price you'll get working aria of 300 by 200mm, and it looks funny, my 3d printer has larger table.